Season 3, Episode 12

Challenge: Sugar Skyscrapers

Sugar showpieces go bigger than they ever have before. At Mall of America in Minneapolis, three top pastry chefs compete for a Guinness World Record for the Tallest Sugar Showpiece. Made entirely out of sugar, the chefs' pieces are modeled after well-known skyscrapers, and whoever tops out with the tallest piece will make Guinness history.


Regis Courivaud
Regis Courivaud
Le Monde (Owner/Chef) & Deluxe
New York, N.Y.

Alain Roby
Alain Roby
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Geneva, Ill.

Isaac Tamada
Isaac Tamada
Peppermill Hotel Casino
Reno, Nev.


Donald Wressell

Dan Cubric

Michael Schneider
Chocolatier Magazine
New York, N.Y.



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