12 Things You Didn't Know About Food Network Star Kid Amber Kelley

You know she's a young culinary mastermind, but do you know Amber's favorite TV show? Check out fun facts about this middle schooler.

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Her Favorite Smell: "Cinnamon"

The Best Advice She's Ever Been Given: "Be Yourself."

Contestant Amber Kelley after winning Food Network Star Kids, as seen on Food Network Star Kids, Season 1.

Her Favorite TV Show: "Pretty Little Liars"

Her Favorite Late-Night Snack: "Fruit Probably"

"Honestly, I eat fruit way too much. It’s probably a problem. I eat a ton of fruit."

Her Favorite Food City to Visit: "Italy"

"That’s my favorite place. I don’t necessarily think I have a city." 

Her Favorite Pizza Topping: "Mushrooms"

Her Favorite Dish to Order Out and Not Cook at Home: "Chicken Tikka Masala"

"I will not eat it anywhere except this one restaurant we have in Woodinville, Wash. ... That's probably my favorite food — or one of them. I can’t eat it while frowning. My parents always laugh at me, 'cause I literally can't frown and eat it at the same time. It's so good." 

Her Favorite Burger Topping: "I've Gotta Go with a Special Sauce."

Her Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Cookie Dough"

Her Go-To Weeknight Dinner: "Moroccan-Spiced Meat Sauce"

The Strangest Thing in Her Refrigerator: "Homemade Kimchi"

Her Favorite Vacation Spot: "LA"

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