Food Network Star Finalists Reveal Their Guilty-Pleasure Foods

Hear from the rivals as they dish on their sweet and salty cravings.
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Alex McCoy

"I'm usually pretty good, but bacon … You have to make double, because you know that when there's a hot bacon pan out, half of it is just going to be eaten up."

Arnold Myint

"Since I'm from Tennessee, my guilty pleasure would have to be spicy hot chicken. It's basically cast-iron-skillet-fried chicken with a dry rub of hot, hot spices, and it comes with white bread, ranch dressing and raw onions. And if you do it any other way, you're doing wrong."

Christina Fitzgerald

"I get this from my mom's side: They are junk-food junkies. They always have the goodies."

Dominick Tesoriero

"Maybe pizza? Is that really a guilty pleasure? That's a way of life for me. I could eat a whole pie."

Eddie Jackson

"French fries."

Emilia Cirker

"Wine. Does that work?"

Jay Ducote

"I don't get guilty very often, and so I'll eat anything, and I'm not shy about that. Cookies-and-cream ice cream is, like, one of my absolute go-tos. And then anything salted caramel."

Matthew Grunwald

"Chocolate chip cookies — chewy chocolate chip cookies."

Michelle Karam

"I love me some fried chicken."

Rosa Graziano

"Nutella, Nutella, Nutella and Nutella."

Rue Rusike

"Strawberry Jell-O."

Sita Lewis

"My guilty-pleasure food would have to be something sweet, because I have the craziest sweet tooth in the world … probably a peach cobbler, because that's a soul-food dish that I grew up having."

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