Food Network Star, Season 13: Top Moments of Episode 10

Relive the best moments of the penultimate episode, and go on set with Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and the finalists.

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Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Look Who's Back

Cory shocks the remaining three finalists when he walks back into Food Star Kitchen after winning Star Salvation and the right to return to Food Network Star. Now the stakes are even higher for him, Matthew, Jason and Rusty. They'll each compete in one final challenge, but only three will earn the coveted opportunity to film a pilot for their would-be show.

Familiar Sous Chefs

Though the guys could surely use some help in execute their all-important dishes, not all of them are thrilled with the sous chefs they're working with. Jason questions Suzanne's baking chops given her past flops in the kitchen, so he resorts to giving her small to-dos. Lucky for him, though, both his tart and his video are a hit with the judges, and he earns the first three of pilot spots.

Ingredients Aplenty

Matthew is quick to give Addie a series of tasks, and she wastes no time in helping him with his dish of swordfish and slaw. Though she doesn’t disclose this to Matthew, she's worried that his avocado-onion-pomegranate mixture is too busy, and ultimately Bobby gives Matthew the same feedback after tasting.

Mixed Results

Rusty plates his offering of boudin balls with the help of Nancy, though when it comes to his one-minute video, he's on his own, and he stumbles. "You tried to do a lot of things in a minute," Bobby tells him. Nevertheless, though, the judges praise his willingness to open up through his food.

Pilot Success

Cory's fish is a runaway hit with the judges, and after demonstrating considerable improvement on camera, he earns the second of three pilot spots.

An Emotional Ending

It's no secret that Matthew has worked tirelessly — and repeatedly — to become a Food Network Star, but ultimately his road ended yet again when the third final spot went to Rusty instead of him. Through tears, he says: "It's like losing the biggest game of your life — again. But it's been such an awesome, exciting journey."

On Location

Guy Fieri, who's no stranger to the demands of pilots following his own Food Network Star success, surprises Cory, Jason and Rusty on the sets of their pilot shoots at the Original Los Angeles Farmers Market, where they're all filming. His mission is to direct them through each stage of the process, answering their questions and offering been-there advice along the way.

Getting Used to This

After a series of missteps — including mispronouncing Magee's, where he's shooting — Rusty is able to find his groove on camera and improve quickly after a quick check-in with Zac Brown, who shares with him words of encouragement. After finding his footing in the process, Rusty wraps up his pilot, and Guy is wowed by the finalist's growth.

An Authentic Image

Cory struggles to shake off his "polished" persona on camera, but after a few takes and a quick call to his buddy, he's able to act like himself and tell the story of Loteria Grill, a Mexican-inspired spot at the Farmers Market, with ease.

France Meets Kentucky

Guy's able to tell right away that Jason begins his video with a memorized script, and he urges Jason to think and speak more naturally. Sure enough, Jason eventually finds his rhythm and makes genuine connections between Monsieur Marcel, a French eatery, and his hometown of Kentucky for the video.

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