Food Network Star, Season 13: Top Moments of Episode 2

Relive the best moments from the second episode, and go on set with Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and the finalists.

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Photo By: Eddy Chen

Hosting a Crowd

Hospitality is the name of the game this week as the mentors celebrate the release of the movie Beauty and the Beast. When group of finalists is tasked with hosting a meal inspired by a particular room from the movie and meal, complete with a tablescape. Though the process of picking teams goes mostly smoothly, Suzanne's team can't help but wonder about having her on-board, given her struggles last week. "We might be in trouble as a team," Rusty declares.

Aisle Bickering

At the market picking up good for their meals, Nancy and Matt spar over ingredients — in the most-endearing way, of course. "I feel like one of those little kids that gets disciplined by his grandma in the grocery store," Matthew says. But according to Nancy, Matthew is "like an unattended child."

Plan B

Several members of Team Appetizers are forced to make concessions in the kitchen they encounter issues with their meal prep. David's risotto takes too long to cook, meaning he can't turn it into arancini, a missed opportunity that the judges notice upon tasting. Similarly, when Rusty realizes that his mustard is missing, he must make do with Creole flavors atop his lamb chops instead. But lucky for him, the judges are pleased with the flavors, though they note the chops may not be appropriate for ballroom appetizers.

Better Together

Made up of two party planners, a professional chef and one of last week's top-performing finalists, Team Tea Party feels confident from the get go. Their meals come together fairly seamlessly in the kitchen, and they even manage to dedicate time to practicing their presentation to the guests. "Our goal is to come together as a team and create a cohesive plan of action," Cory explains.

A Chatty Host

It turns out that Suzanne isn't the person on Team Appetizer to worry about when it comes to speaking. Going well beyond his allotted 30 seconds, Rusty left both Suzanne and David to hurry through their presentations, and according to Giada, "I think maybe Suzanne suffered because of it."

Well Done

After being dinged multiple times for his inability to break through his personal shell, Cory does his best to showcase his personality, and indeed he does. Amy, Trace and Addie deliver compelling and entertaining introductions as well, and afterwards, Sandra notes, "That whole team — I just think they are wonderful."

Highs and Lows

Just as Matthew predicts, his team's unwillingness to practice presenting results in piecemeal presentations, as Giada notes, "I don't know that they did a good job of tying it together." Matthew manages to tempt the guests and panel alike with talk of his cake, but when it comes to the team's food, the panel find major mistakes all around. "It's a bit inedible," declares Giada of Nancy's potato soup, while Toya's shrimp and grits seems out of place in a French-focused brunch challenge.

Strong Showing

"Delightful," Sandra says of Team Tea's Addie. After kicking off her groups presentation with a dance alongside Cory, Addie talks her tea sandwich, which Sandra loves. "It's the perfect afternoon tea dish," according to Sandra. She, Cory, Amy and Trace are deemed the winners this week and are automatically safe from elimination.

Double the Goodbyes

Following delivering seriously flawed dishes and presentations both this week and last, Nancy and Toya are sent home from the competition in a game-changing double elimination. "This is definitely not the last story you're going to hear from Nana," Nancy says.


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