Food Network Star, Season 13: Top Moments of Episode 5

Relive the best moments of Week 5, and go on set with Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and the finalists.

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Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

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Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Balancing Personalities

On location at Walmart, the finalists are tasked with sticking to a budget while shopping for a series of themed meals for families of different sizes. Addie and Matthew must work with just $17.63 as they shop for a family of four while filming an Instagram story full of tips. But while Addie is focused on delivering information to viewers, Matthew wants to bring the fun—and even suggests he lay down in the bacon section of the store. "I feel like I'm the tip police," jokes Addie, who constantly reminds Matthew to stay on track.


David and Jason have no trouble conveying tips in their stories—in fact, they have the opposite problem. They've recorded so many snippets and are spewing so much information that it is "overwhelming," according to Giada. However, according to guest judge Hannah Hart, their upscale dinner-party dish proved to be on-point. "This is more than I thought it would be," she admits.

High Praise

"As a social media guru, I can say I'm a little intimidated about the competition coming my way," Hannah tells Cao and Amy of their Insta stories, which offer the rich info the judges want.   

Mentoring Opportunity

Given their stellar Insta stories and their can-do budget dinner of pasta with chicken, Addie and Matthew take the win in the Mentor Challenge and earn some coveted one-on-one time with Bobby and Giada. "I want to see you really having a good time at what you're doing, because sometimes I think you tighten up," Bobby advises Addie.

Teammate vs. Teammate

Come the Star Challenge, finalists are once again working in pairs, but instead of being teammates, they're now rivals as they go head to head in a series of live demos alongside Sunny Anderson. What's more is they have to focus their dishes and demos on a theme, like One-Pot Shots to Leftover Lovin'.

Making Do

Once again a pillar of personality, Rusty brings his signature charm to his demo, though he is briefly overpowered by Cory, who continues to talk through his rival's presentation. Rusty rebounds, however, and continues introducing his dish, which the mentors are wowed by. "It showed some finesse," Giada notes. 

From Bad to Worse

For Amy and Cao, the live demo is nothing short of a hot mess. While Cao experiences bouts of silence and later struggles with the immersion blender, Amy can't figure out how to work the food processor and makes inappropriate jokes. Lucky for Amy, though, her surf-and-turf take on tacos is successful, and she survives another week, while Cao lands in the bottom.

Same Ol' Mistakes

Matthew has been reminded multiple times the importance of sharing the spotlight, but once again here he commandeers Addie's demo — and she wants nothing to do with him. "Don't need your help," Addie says simply of Matthew. However, she too is far from perfect, because she fails to bring the energy that the mentors have repeatedly asked for. 

Two Times the Trouble

Unfortunately for David, his demo is a double whammy of errors. He fails to include Sunny — actually, he straight up disregards her — and his steak once again lacks any semblance of bold flavor. His rival, Jason, though, delivers plenty of charm and advances to next week's competition, while David joins Cao on the bottom this week. 

Cao's Journey Ends

After five weeks of competition, Cao is ultimately sent home following another week of sub-par food and an awkward-at-best performance. "I think that I have talent, but, obviously, it's not talking and cooking at once," Cao admits as she reflects on the competition. 

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