Food Network Star, Season 8: Behind the Scenes of the Finale

Get a behind-the-scenes look and relive all the highlights of the Food Network Star finale.

The Big Reveal

The fans have spoken, and Justin Warner is our next Food Network Star!


All 15 members of Team Alton, Team Bobby and Team Giada reunited for the finale in New York City.

The Final Four

Anxiety was high as the final four and their mentors waited to hear the results of the fan vote.

Alton's Duo

After a shocking twist in episode 10, Alton brought two finalists to the finale: Martie and Justin.

Bobby and Michele

Michele and Bobby were hopeful that her pilot for My New England would be greenlit by the fans.

Giada and Yvan

Yvan and Giada felt the same way about his Family Style pilot, but everyone knew it would be a tough race.

Martie's Early Elimination

Early on in the finale, the network announced that Martie didn't end up on top in the vote. She kept her head held high and joined her fellow cast members for the reunion portion of the show.

Yvan in the Hot Seat

Yvan reacted to clips of himself on the big screen.

Michele Blushes

Michele got a tad embarrassed watching highlights of the season on screen.

Martie Keeps Smilin'

Despite her disappointment over being out of the race, Martie cracked up at the segment documenting her close friendship with Justin.

Down to Three

In the end, the race came down to Michele, Yvan and Justin. The moment of truth had finally arrived.

Proud Papa

When the curtain came down and revealed Justin's face, Alton couldn't have been prouder of his rebellious protege.

Congratulations From the Network

Although they didn't choose the winner this year, Bob and Susie were thrilled to welcome Justin to the network. They said they preferred not making the final decision — it took the pressure off, and they enjoyed knowing that America voted for who they want to watch most.

Justin In Shock

Justin gave his first post-win interview to the FN Dish, still very much in shock over his life-changing win.

Team Alton Celebrates Victory!

Team Alton came together for a big cheer in Justin's honor.

New Addition to the Wall of Stars

Justin now joins Alton on the esteemed wall of Food Network talent.

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