Little-Known Secrets About the Food Network Star, Season 13 Finalists

We asked the competitors to tell us something about themselves that other people may not notice right away. Here's what they had to say.

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Addie Is More Fun Than People May Realize

I don't think it takes people a while to get to know me, but despite being very organized [and] very put together, I am very fun. I think people who don't know me probably think that I make dinner at home and go to bed. I went on my bachelorette party this past summer and broke two of my toes the first day and didn't tell anyone, didn't call home, nothing. Spent three days. ... Came home, my husband picked me up, and I was like, "I think I hurt my foot." I went to the doctor [and found out I had] severed in half my feet. ... The point is I think a lot of people think I'm very put together ... But the minute the party starts, I don’t care if cocktails spill on our white couch. ... I think everyone who knows us knows that, but I think for this purpose, [for] people who don't know me in the world, I want to try and make sure the fact that I'm not so put together can come across. Yet I have to seem put together.

Amy Is a Painter

I paint. I don’t know if that’s that interesting. I paint well, too.... It’s not that difficult to know about me. It’s actually really not difficult to know a lot about me cause I’m a pretty open book. I’m not like a secret keeper.

Blake Avoids Germs at All Costs

I’m pretty germaphobic, which I don’t think most people would notice right off the bat. We were at a corporate event a few months back, and we had to tell three things that no one knows about us, and my thing was that I haven’t touched the inside of a bathroom door in, like, in probably four years. I always use a paper towel or my shirt. Living in a city has really turned me into a germaphobe. And it’s something that I don’t normally tell people, just because people will think I’m so weird. But I’m trying not to get sick.

Caodan Copes with OCD

I’m pretty upfront right away, cause it’s kind of like a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. ... I have OCD. ... I actually have rituals and habits I have to perform. But they catch on pretty quickly cause I have all these like little routines. But no, more so now in my life I am who I am. So, it’s like you love it, you don’t — this is who I am. I put it all out on the table.

Cory Collects Coins

I’m a nerd. ... I’m a collector. I always collect different things. I’m into coins and Japanese pottery and all kinds of weird things. I think it’s like aesthetics as a chef — you’re into things that are aesthetically pleasing. So for me, I’m into being outdoors, and people don’t understand that’s like, I’d rather just be outdoors all the time. That’s my thing. But I’m a fishing fanatic at heart. That’s my super-go-to thing. I have fishing rods that were custom made for me by this couple that live in southern Japan. Handmade, custom ordered, so fine. But again, that’s back in that collecting thing, just being attracted to aesthetics.

David Is a Jokester

I’m like a clown. I love to laugh. I’m always laughing, cracking jokes, practical jokes. I’m a huge practical joker. Looking at me, if I’m not smiling, if my arms are crossed, I can come off as kind of intimidating. But as soon as I smile, people are a lot more relaxed. ... I’m a very jovial person. I love people. I definitely think people would [be] surprised with how silly and how funny and how much of a big teddy bear I am. Don’t tell anybody that. Don’t tell the [other] contestants that!

Jason Has Type 2 Diabetes

I never really mention it much cause I don’t use it as a crutch — I actually am a type 2 diabetic. But through my diet and everything I manage it very well. It's one of those things people say, "Oh Lord, you can’t be a diabetic and cook the way you do." Well yeah, you can. It doesn’t mean you have to eat every single bite of stuff you cook. One or two tastes of something to get it right is fine. But that is something a lot of people don’t realize about me cause I don’t mention it cause I don’t use it as a crutch. I live with it every day. It's just not something I put out there for everybody. 

Matthew Is Very Focused

I'm extremely detailed and measured.

Nancy Has a Fierce Sense of Humor

That I have a great sense of humor. I have a lot of one-liners that you’ll catch me at the right time, right place interjecting them, and you’ll go, "Hahaha." Alton Brown says, "How do you come up with all this, Nancy?" And I said, "Well, I’ve eaten more beans than you."

Rusty Does Impressions

I thought it took a while for people to know about my sea animals, but they know — they’re about to know now. I’ve got about 32 different sea impressions that I have in my repertoire.

Suzanne Is a Positive Person

No matter what I’ve faced in life, I’ve always turned it into a positive thing. ... Wherever I go, no matter the difficult times I’ve had, I always keep a smile on my face and make people laugh.

Toya Is a Thoughtful Decision Maker

I think people are generally thrown off by me. I think that I’m very sacrificing. I’m well, well, well aware that my life is not my own, so I’m always cautious to see where I’m supposed to be and what I am supposed to say. What part am I supposed to play?

Trace Is Pretty Sarcastic

I have a sarcastic sense of humor, but in a good way.

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