Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Behind the Scenes in L.A.

Jump behind the scenes with a look at the finalists, judges and crew on set of The Next Food Network Star, Season 6.

Photo By: Peter Thron

Photo By: Peter Thron

Photo By: Peter Thron

Photo By: Peter Thron

Photo By: Peter Thron

Photo By: Peter Thron

Photo By: Peter Thron

Line Cooks

The finalists have their debut meet-greet-and-go with judge Bobby Flay and mentor Giada De Laurentiis — game on.

Star Turn

Even a celeb chef like Bobby needs to get camera-ready (with the help of the crew). Look into your future, finalists!

Reality Check

It’s not just the challenge of the challenge for the cheftestants; it’s camera after camera, hot lights overhead and pressure all around.

Over Their Heads

Prep for The Next Food Network Star takes several months and dozens of people; this year’s shooting in Los Angeles added a layer of new sights and scenes and chefly stunts.

All Tied Up

Each finalist commits to several weeks’ time and months of secrecy--even after he or she is sent home.

Chopping Block

Once the cameras stop rolling, production assistants are tasked with clean-up and readying the kitchen for the next challenge.

Child's Play

Becoming a star is no joke, but the finalists spend many hours together and find time to have some fun and show off their personalities.

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