Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Behind the Scenes of Episode Eight's Finalist Challenges

The remaining five hopefuls must create a dish that represents their particular brand and incorporate their least favorite ingredient into it. Later, for the Star Challenge, they must create a dish based on an emotion assigned to them.

Little Do They Know

The five remaining finalists check out the Star set, outfitted with individual stations featuring signs with each hopeful's point of view. The surprise? Their families are waiting off-camera to bring them their least favorite ingredient ... to use in the next challenge!

No POV For You

Much to Tom's amusement, Brad's point-of-view sign is just a question mark. Looks like it's time to define yourself, Mr. Sorenson.

Reunited ... and It Feels So Good

Herb's beside himself to see his wife and daughters, even if the visit's way too brief.

Real Family Style

Aria points out her fellow finalists to her three-year-old son, Luca.

Hug It Out

Tom's fiancee brings him white pepper ... which he hates ... but he's glad to see her anyway.


Giada, Bob and Susie share a laugh during a Camera Challenge break.

Her Biggest Fan

Aarti takes a moment for a bit of TLC with her husband before jumping back in the trenches.

Brotherly Love

Brad's emotions are in high gear during the visit from his little brother.

Dazzling Duo

Celebrity chef Todd English and actress Eva Longoria Parker make their entrance. Their co-owned L.A. hotspot, Beso, will be the setting for this Star challenge.

Table Team

As the crew prepares the judges' table, Bobby spends some time chatting with owners Eva Longoria Parker and Todd English.

The Fine Points

Giada and Todd English confer on the details of the upcoming challenge.

Intimidating Audience

Todd English, Eva Longoria Parker and the Selection Committee begin their collaboration on the finalists' dishes and presentations.


Eva's all eyes and ears as each of the finalists puts their best food foot forward.

Comic Relief

Bobby Flay lets loose with some serious laughter during the judging.

It's Not Just Bobby

Looks like Eva's in the mood to cut up, too ....

"It's killing me on the inside."

Brad waits too long after arriving at Beso to start his New York strips. Now all he can do is hope they get done enough and work some magic on the rest of his "Land and Sea" dish.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Tom's attention to detail (along with some inspired story-telling) is about to pay off.

In His Own Words

"This was a great experience. It helped me realize a lot about who I really am; this whole adventure of life is going to bring so many things my way."