Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Behind the Scenes of Episode Five's Finalist Challenges

For the Camera Challenge, the contestants create their own product and incorporate it into a dish on camera. For the Star Challenge, they follow in Paula Dean's footsteps by running their own lunch trunks in pairs.
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"I might show up in my string bikini."

Paula's southern charm and sassy humor actually get Bobby blushing.

Just Can't Look

Aria distracts herself while a paramedic tends to her sliced finger.

Gettin' Busy

Tom carefully picks apart grapefruits for his Citrus Marmalade.

Fight to the Finish

Paul puts on the final touches for his Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce.

Hold Your Head High

Serena cranes her neck to get a better look at the audience.

Just One of the Team

Paula shares a laugh with the Selection Committee.

Out of Time

After throwing all the ingredients of his stir fry together, Herb runs short of being able to describe the flavor of his dish.

Grinning Giada

Something good must be going on....

Come Get It!

Hungry beachers line up for Paul's and Herb's wraps.

A Little Fresh Air, Please

Brad takes a breather while hungry customers line up to be fed.

Festive Atmosphere

Street Performers liven up the scene with their unbelievable balancing act.

Comparing Notes

Bob, Susie and Bobby talk through who came up short on the challenge.

Sisterly Love

Serena and Brianna are happy to have put aside their differences and won the lunch truck challenge.

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