Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Behind the Scenes of Episode Four's Finalist Challenges

Take a peak behind the scenes of episode four where the finalists created a unique pepper dish for Bobby Flay's Camera Challenge. Then for the Star Challenge, the finalists recreated the favorite childhood dish of a world class chef.

When Push Comes to Shove ....

Herb and DAS fight their way to their peppers of choice after Bobby outlines the rules of the Camera Challenge.

Pepper Perfection?

Tom's approach to the competition: Asian-style stuffed poblanos.

Stop, Thief!

Paul grabs a quick handful of Herb's ingredients to flavor his own dish. (Lucky for Paul, Herb's too nice to smack his hand.)

Thinking It Through

Aarti gets her head in the game as she prepares a dish featuring serrano peppers.

Winning Streak

Brianna's culinary skills score her a second consecutive challenge victory, this one with a special reward: a feature spot for her chile pepper dish on Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill menu.

Talk About Tough Critics

The finalists have a hard sell to make for this Star Challenge: recreating childhood favorites for world-class chefs (beside Bobby, left to right) Jonathan Waxman, Susan Feniger and Eric Greenspan.

Cool and Collected

DAS gets a quick adjustment before jumping into the cooking fray.

Checking In

Bobby monitors Brad's progress as he prepares his fried chicken dish.

All Business

Serena gives Bobby the lowdown on her dish strategy.

"I don't feel like an equal to everyone."

A difficult turn of events triggers serious self-doubt for Herb.

Up Close and Personal

Aarti keeps her focus on the food as a camera man comes in for a tight overhead shot of the cooking action.

Second Thoughts

Paul questions his choice to use pork rather than steak in his dish. Will the risk pay off ... or put him at risk for elimination?

Ultimate Disappointment

After his dish gets poor marks from the judges, and his definition of prime steak leaves Bobby miffed, the Selection Committee decides it's time for DAS to go.

And Then There Were Eight

The remaining two-thirds of the Season 6 Star finalists.