Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Behind the Scenes of Episode Six's Finalist Challenges

"It's a little wild."

Brad promptly tries on the feather boa he finds in his picnic basket. Other items include kalamata olives, strawberries and vodka. The theme: A bachelorette party. Like the rest of the finalists, he must use the ingredients to create a unique party bite fitting his assigned theme -- and prop!

Mustard Doesn't Help Her Muster Any Interest

Brianna isn't exactly thrilled with her assigned theme: a five-year-old's birthday party.


Tom cracks up when he hears Brianna's plan to make taquitos with a mustard and cheddar queso for her kids' party theme: "You're cooking for five-year-olds! Who's gonna eat that?"


Brad finally relaxes in front of the camera and delivers a fun, personable performance.

Keeping the Tears in Check

Feeling defeated and out of her element, Brianna wonders if she'll ever succeed in a camera challenge.

Hey There, Ted!

Special guest Ted Allen joins the finalist to introduce their next challenge ....

Fabulous Fifties Dishes -- With a Twist

Ted's instructions: Each finalist will be assigned a classic '50s favorite by Tom and Brad (winners of the camera challenge), which they'll reinvent with an upscale take.

Swank Setting

After the finalists shop for ingredients, they head to their challenge site: Frank Sinatra's former Palm Springs estate, where they'll cook outdoors around the pool. Ted tells the finalists to let their environment inpsire them: "Sinatra was all about urban style, high class, big city glamour. So when you plan your menus, we want you to remember to re-interpret these classics in a manner befitting Old Blue Eyes."

Time Out

Aaart, Brianna and Tom enjoy a quiet moment before the chaos kicks in.


The mushroom topping for Brianna's Crab and Brie Casserole (her take on classic tuna casserole) goes up in smoke after she forgets it in the oven.

Captive Audience

Special guest judge Cal Fussman of Esquire magazine catches every nuance of the finalists' presentations.

Aarti Hits a Wall

She's having trouble with ideas for her dish — deviled eggs — and everything seems to go downhill from there.

Brad: Doing It His Way

"My favorite Frank Sinatra song is 'My Way.' It kind of fits what I'm going through right now in the competition. I've got some doubts but right I'm about to chew them up and spit it out and do this food my way."

Has Brad Finally Found His Zone?

It's looking that way ... his off-camera charm is now front and center, scoring him his second win of the day.

Turn of Events

This trio is a new


Herb closes his eyes with relief when he realizes he's safe.

brianna jenkins reacts to being eliminated

brianna jenkins says goodbye after elimination