Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Behind the Scenes of Episode Two's Finalist Challenges

Duff Welcomes You

Food Network's Ace of Cakes host Duff Goldman is the author of this Star Challenge.

Step Right Up

Duff's Sweet to Savory Carnival will showcase the finalists' reinvented classic treats for 100 of his closest friends.

Fun in the Sun

The finalists get to enjoy fresh air and sunshine as they prepare their dishes at the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park.

Ice, Ice, Baby

A non-sweet interpretation of this dessert fave? Serena takes it on with gusto.

Cone-y on the West Coast

Serena prepares to plate her Cheese Mousse 'Cones.'

They're Not Amused

The amusements are nice, but the finalists won't have time for rides until the cooking's done!

Carnival Color

Festively dressed tables await Duff's guests.

Feelin' the Heat

Herb takes a moment to survey his competitors' progress.

Ready or Not

Duff's guests begin arriving at the pier.


Paul checks his pasta's consistency.

Fun With Funnel Cakes

Can Aarti transform this sweet treat into a delicious, non-dessert version?

Focus Is Key

Aarti tends her skillet with determined concentration.

A Lot On Her Plate

Will Dzintra's three-pronged approach to her dish spell trouble with the judges?

Rhapsody in Red

Candied apples: Brianna's "Sweet to Savory" challenge.

Final Moments

Brianna hurries to finish her candied apple-inspired meatballs.

Look Up!

Trapeze artists perform overhead while the Star finalists stage their own performances.

Give It a Squeeze

DAS gets the 'lemon' into his Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings.

Happy Group

From L to R: Serena, DAS, Brianna and Aria take a quick photo-op break.

Under the Big Top

The guests start visiting with the finalists and sampling their savory offerings.

Time Constraints

Has Doreen's Root Beer Pulled Pork had enough time to get melt-in-your-mouth tender?

Picture of Calm

Tom takes a moment to reflect. (How is he always so chill?)

Poise Under Pressure

Will Aria's savory meatball creation score her another sweet victory?

Dishing It Out

Aarti banters with a guest as she prepares a plate.

The Last Word

Duff (far left) joins Bobby, Bob and Susie at the on-site Selection Committee table for the judging.