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On the Set of Food Network Star, Season 11

Get an insider's tour of the on-set pantry and refrigerator, and hear tell-all trivia from the Star culinary producer.
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Welcome to Food Star Kitchen

This massive set — a whopping 95 feet by 100 feet — takes the crew a day and a half to build, and it comes equipped with two kitchen spaces, multiple ovens, cooktops and refrigerators, plus an expansive pantry. Read on for insider facts about the set, and learn trivia from Food Network Star's culinary producer, Dave.

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The Pantry

Inside this alcove is where the finalists shop for their dry goods as well as secure any and all of the tools they may need for a particular cooking challenge. From grains and flour to oils, pots, pans and spatulas, it's all arranged neatly on dozens of shelves.

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Through the Lens

These are just a few of the many cameras it takes to film a scene on Food Network Star. To make sure that every angle is captured and each finalist is being followed, the cameras are set up in varying positions, and each is operated by a crew member.

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Side Entrance

It's these doors that the finalists first walk through on Day 1 of their Star journey. 

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