On the Set of Food Network Star, Season 11

Get an insider's tour of the on-set pantry and refrigerator, and hear tell-all trivia from the Star culinary producer.

Welcome to Food Star Kitchen

This massive set — a whopping 95 feet by 100 feet — takes the crew a day and a half to build, and it comes equipped with two kitchen spaces, multiple ovens, cooktops and refrigerators, plus an expansive pantry. Read on for insider facts about the set, and learn trivia from Food Network Star's culinary producer, Dave.

The Pantry

Inside this alcove is where the finalists shop for their dry goods as well as secure any and all of the tools they may need for a particular cooking challenge. From grains and flour to oils, pots, pans and spatulas, it's all arranged neatly on dozens of shelves.

Through the Lens

These are just a few of the many cameras it takes to film a scene on Food Network Star. To make sure that every angle is captured and each finalist is being followed, the cameras are set up in varying positions, and each is operated by a crew member.

Side Entrance

It's these doors that the finalists first walk through on Day 1 of their Star journey. 

Pull, Not Push

There's no mistaking what you're supposed to do when you find yourself on the other side of that Food Network-marked door.

The Judges' Perspective

This is the view the Selection Committee members see during evaluation as they look out into Food Star Kitchen. Staring back at them is usually a line of finalists waiting to hear their fate.

The Scene from Afar

The bright lights and pressure to perform are apparent immediately after you step foot on this sprawling set.

A Side Show

For individual demos, the scene often shifts to this kitchen set within and on the side of Food Star Kitchen. It's equipped with multiple burners and ovens for easy prepping.

Homelike Accents

To make the space feel a bit warmer and more inviting, the crew adorned the side shelves with fresh produce as well as knickknacks and a lighted "EAT" sign.

Final Decisions

Once the committee has chosen who will advance and who will go home, the finalists will walk out these sliding doors to their future and whatever that may entail.

Better Together: Oil and Vinegar

According to Dave, there are eight varieties of vinegar available to the competitors — "balsamic, champagne, sherry, red wine, white wine, rice, white balsamic, white vinegar" — and eight kinds of oils, including "canola, olive, sesame, coconut, peanut, sunflower, black [truffle] and white truffle." 

Behind Refrigerator Doors

Along with fresh fruits and vegetables, and a "standard protein pantry," which Dave says includes "sweet and hot Italian sausage, pancetta, bacon, guanciale, Spanish chorizo [and] andouille," the refrigerator is stocked with both mild and pungent cheeses: "cheddar, pepper Jack, blue cheese, ricotta, Burrata, fontina, Swiss."

Primed for Baking

When it comes to baking supplies, the kitchen is outfitted like a traditional bakery. According to Dave, there are two kinds of flour and four kinds of sugar, as well as butter, shortening, a "variety of extracts [and] vanilla beans."

Potatoes Aplenty

There is no shortage of spuds on set. Dave says there are "fingerlings, sweet potatoes, russets, purple Peruvian [and] Red Bliss" potatoes up for grabs.

Just Add Heat

From wide saute pans to deep stockpots, there are a whopping 132 pots and pans available on set, according to Dave. 

Tools and Equipment

Dave says that the pantry is outfitted with large pieces like food processors and immersion blenders, as well as smaller-scale items. "As for whisks, rubber spatulas, medal spoons, graters, wooden spoons, tongs, fish spatulas, medal spatulas, squeeze bottles, timers, thermometers, wine/bottle openers and scales, we have about 20 of each" on set, he reveals.

Serving Selections

When it comes to plating, finalists can choose among "18 varieties of plates (six pieces of each), eight types of glassware (eight pieces of each), [and] forks, knives and spoons, [of which there are] 96 pieces of each," Dave says. 

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