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Justin's Foodie Call Culinary Creations

Check out the creative dishes Justin whips up every week on Foodie Call.
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Whiskey Pancakes

Booze and breakfast is a winning combination that brunch places across America nailed long ago. But Justin takes the trend up a notch by whisking some whiskey into pancake batter. The alcohol adds flavor, of course, but it also serves as an extra leavening agent. Topped with a cherry-and-vermouth compound butter, the super-fluffy pancakes taste like a Manhattan — but it's totally OK to gobble them up first thing in the morning.

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Brick Chili

When you think of chili, do you picture a giant stockpot of simmering veggies, meat and spices? If so, Justin is about to blow your mind. His recipe for "brick chili" was inspired by cowboys of centuries past, who found a way to make the dish shelf-stable and easily portable on the trail. Watch Justin slice off a wedge for David LaForce, chef at El Vez and winner of NYChiliFest 2016.

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Justin elevates the humble chickpea by pulverizing it into a powder and whipping up a new-fangled pizza crust, otherwise known as "socca." His "chickpeazza" gets topped with eggplant, olives, more chickpeas and sumac, and it is tasty enough to impress notable chef Einat Admony. She enjoys it so much that she files the idea away for the brunch menu at one of her restaurants.

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Chocolate Wine Cubes

After a fascinating lesson in tempering chocolate from Jacques Torres (Mr. Chocolate himself), Justin proves that "chocolate is great, but wine and chocolate is better." By freezing wine in an ice cube mold, he's able to encase it in chocolate and allow the wine to melt inside. The result is a sippable, snackable and totally indulgent dessert.

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