Justin's Foodie Call Culinary Creations

Check out the creative dishes Justin whips up every week on Foodie Call.

Whiskey Pancakes

Booze and breakfast is a winning combination that brunch places across America nailed long ago. But Justin takes the trend up a notch by whisking some whiskey into pancake batter. The alcohol adds flavor, of course, but it also serves as an extra leavening agent. Topped with a cherry-and-vermouth compound butter, the super-fluffy pancakes taste like a Manhattan — but it's totally OK to gobble them up first thing in the morning.

Brick Chili

When you think of chili, do you picture a giant stockpot of simmering veggies, meat and spices? If so, Justin is about to blow your mind. His recipe for "brick chili" was inspired by cowboys of centuries past, who found a way to make the dish shelf-stable and easily portable on the trail. Watch Justin slice off a wedge for David LaForce, chef at El Vez and winner of NYChiliFest 2016.


Justin elevates the humble chickpea by pulverizing it into a powder and whipping up a new-fangled pizza crust, otherwise known as "socca." His "chickpeazza" gets topped with eggplant, olives, more chickpeas and sumac, and it is tasty enough to impress notable chef Einat Admony. She enjoys it so much that she files the idea away for the brunch menu at one of her restaurants.

Chocolate Wine Cubes

After a fascinating lesson in tempering chocolate from Jacques Torres (Mr. Chocolate himself), Justin proves that "chocolate is great, but wine and chocolate is better." By freezing wine in an ice cube mold, he's able to encase it in chocolate and allow the wine to melt inside. The result is a sippable, snackable and totally indulgent dessert.

Cheese Danish Upgrade

Justin promises Elizabeth Chubbuck (VP of sales at Murray's Cheese) that, with the magic of an absinthe-washed cheese called Miranda, he will totally change her opinion of the humble cheese Danish. Spoiler: Justin succeeds with ease.

Chicago Dog Barbecue

What happens when you take all the elements of a traditional, dragged-through-the-garden, Chicago-style hot dog and combine them with barbecue? Justin and Jeff Mauro come up with a truly epic rack of ribs topped with a rub inspired by the hot dog's spices, and a mustard-based sauce packed with veggies.

Greek Dakos

Hanging with funny guy Andy Milonakis (who has a Greek aunt we'd love to meet), Justin whips up this Mediterranean-style bread salad. The key is the bread element, called paximadi, which is hard enough to stand up to the flavorful juices of the vegetables and a good glug of olive oil. 

Maryland-Style Steamed Crabs

Teaming up with fellow Marylander Mo Rocca, Justin prepares the classic crustacean dish from his home state. He steams the crabs in a mixture of beer and vinegar, slathers them in J.O. seasoning doctored with some DIY smoked salt, and then shows off how to eat crabs the Maryland way — with a mallet. 

Squid Two Ways: Fried and Okonomiyaki Style

Inspired by Nintendo's Splatoon, Justin prepares squid two different ways, making a dish for each of the Squid Sisters — two female characters in the game. He fries the squid in one dish to make a classic crispy calamari with a twist, and grills the other, serving it atop a squid ink and purple cabbage “cake.” 

Black-Garlic Mayonnaise Steak and Cake

After meeting up with the founders of Empire Mayonnaise, Justin uses black-garlic mayo as the secret ingredient in his savory chocolate cake. Paired with a seared steak and lightly cooked scallions, this winning dish surprises everyone by being completely delicious.

Scrapple Apple Pie

This week Justin meets up with the Robicellis — a husband-and-wife baking duo in Brooklyn. After getting a few pie-perfecting tips, Justin whips up homemade pork scrapple to top his rendition of the all-American dessert. A slice of cheddar finishes the pie.

Hot Ice Cream Sundae

Justin talks ice cream with Doug Quint from Big Gay Ice Cream in NYC. With a little cool chemistry, Justin creates homemade hot ice cream that actually "melts" as it cools, and thickens when heated. Paired with frozen brownie crumble, this is one mixed-up sundae that works!

Spam S'mores

Chef Justin Warner loves Spam and thinks you should too. In this episode he's working this ready-to-eat pork product's salty goodness into a campfire classic: s'mores! Grilled slices of Spam are paired with homemade wasabi-flecked marshmallows (toasted over a fire, of course), then sandwiched between two graham crackers for a crazy-good treat.

Matcha, the New Green Tea

Justin proves that the dip can be the life of the party by making a caffeinated matcha green goddess dressing. He pairs the anchovy, garlic and herbed mayo dip with various veggies for a harmonious herb-flavored crudite appetizer.

A Lesson on Goat's Milk

Justin lightens one of the heaviest, richest sauces around –– an Alfredo –– by making it with goat cheese and goat's milk. The result? A tangy spinach-pasta dish, livened with lime zest and wasabi peas, that's perfect for the hotter summer months.

Binge-Watching Snack with Laura Gómez of Orange Is The New Black

What's the best snack to binge on while binge-watching a TV show? Justin's riff on the classic party mix. Corn cereals are coated in a funky, spicy fish sauce and Sriracha butter, topped with white cheddar cheese, macadamia nuts and cilantro, and microwaved to dehydrate and meld the ingredients. Chopped sour candies and white chocolate-covered pretzels add a sweet finish to the salty, savory base.

Taco Creations: Corn in 12 Forms

Justin makes the ultimate taco celebrating corn by "cramming as many instances of corn" as he can into one taco. He fills the freshly made tortillas with grilled corn and pico de gallo, tops them with polenta, sour creamed corn and a corn "confetti," and garnishes them with huitlacoche (corn "mushrooms") and corn silk. The final outcome? A taco with 12 kinds of corn.

Sous Vide: The Juiciest Turkey, Ever

Justin transforms the most commonly overcooked meat — turkey breast — by cooking it sous vide ("under vacuum"). The cooking style, which allows you to cook foods at a low, constant temperature in a water bath, renders the meat incredibly juicy, tender, and infused with the flavors of garlic and paprika.

The Complexity of Gochujang: French Fry Bibimbap

At Do or Dine, Justin serves a French Fry Bibimbap on his brunch menu, which is made with sweet potato fries in lieu of the dish's traditional rice. Here, he makes a version of that with slices of beef that have been marinated in a hot sauce of gochujang, apple cider and rice wine vinegar.

Turmeric: Turmeric-Spiced Cocktail + Turmeric Colada

Cocktail chef Antoine Hodge mixes a vibrant cocktail by combining bourbon, orange liqueur, lime juice and Sriracha-orange bitters with his special spiced kumquat-orange-turmeric chutney. For a final splash of color and flavor he tops the fluorescent drink with ground hibiscus leaves. Justin then whips up an alcohol-free twist on the pina colada by juicing turmeric and its spicy cousin, ginger, and then blending the juices with cream of coconut, pineapple juice, frozen pineapple cubes and a dash of lime juice.

Basil: Basil Sorbet Caprese Salad

Justin remixes basil's greatest hit — the caprese salad — by combining tomatoes and mozzarella with a basil sorbet (made out of basil leaves, sugar, alcohol and lemon juice) and balsamic-infused basil seeds. (The latter plump up just like chia seeds would in liquid, and give this dish the texture and appearance of being topped with caviar.)

Eggs: Deep-Fried Deviled Eggs

Justin teaches often-manipulated eggs a new trick by soft-boiling them to perfection, filling the whites with spicy mayo-mustard whipped yolks and then frying the deviled eggs in a mixture of rice flour, all-purpose flour and kosher salt. For a final touch he tops the crispy, oozing-centered eggs with caviar and scallion slivers.

The Ramen Boom: Ramen Tamales + Popcorn

Inspired by ramen's elasticity, Justin decides to create tamales by grinding the noodles and using them in lieu of masa. He's pleasantly surprised by the outcome: steamed, cheese-filled tamales with that just-right cohesive but about-to-fall-apart texture. Not one to let food go to waste, he uses the ramen seasoning packet to flavor a batch of freshly popped popcorn.

Jerky for Breakfast: Beef Tapsilog

Justin puts his spin on beef tapsilog, a classic Filipino breakfast dish containing dried beef, garlic-fried rice and egg. He cooks jerky to give it crisp, bacon-like texture, and uses that meaty oil to flavor egg-topped fried rice.