Where to Find the Best Ginormous Food in Jacksonville, Florida

Josh Denny visited local hot spots across Jacksonville, to experience some of the city's most-massive eats. Find out which restaurants he went to and what he tasted.

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GAS Full Service Restaurant

When you visit a spot called GAS Full Service Restaurant, it's only natural that something called The Full Tank is on the menu. This cheeseburger-pulled pork tower features patties of deep-fried cheese, plus plenty of strips of salty bacon and fried pickles. Josh used the side-bite approach to get a taste and was immediately wowed by "the flame-broiled flavor on that burger patty."

GAS Full Service Restaurant

Beachside Seafood Restaurant & Market

The Sea Monster, aka a super-stuffed seafood burrito, is indeed a monster of a meal. No fewer than five kinds of seafood — think shrimp, swordfish and grouper — come together with classic burrito fixings like cheese and salsa in six supersized shells to create a whopping 36-inch-long wrap. "Fold, lift, tuck and roll," Josh explains of the process of bundling up this over-the-top burrito. 

Beachside Restaurant and Seafood Market

Black Sheep Restaurant

Let's just say you're going to need a pretty big table for this massive sandwich. At 5 feet long, The Riduckulous, which tips the scales at a whopping 10 pounds, is piled with deeply savory duck meatloaf, glazed with a tangy star anise sauce. This sandwich is inspired by the Vietnamese bahn mi, so it's loaded with pickled veggies, jalapenos and fragrant cilantro. After digging into this showstopper, Josh wasted no time in deeming it to be "huge with flavor." 

Black Sheep Restaurant

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