Where to Find the Best Ginormous Food in Louisville, Kentucky

Josh Denny visited local hot spots across Louisville to experience some of the city's most-massive eats. Find out which restaurants he went to and what he tasted.

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Mussel & Burger Bar

After tasting mussels at Mussel & Burger Bar, Josh set his sights on The Double Southern Belle. At 16 inches tall, this next-level burger creation features a whole pound of beef and no fewer than six fried green tomatoes, not to mention gooey melted pimento cheese. "The pimento is like a delicious lava," Josh noted after watching the chef construct this monstrosity from the plate up.

Where to Find: Mussel & Burger Bar

Gary's On Spring

Louisville is known for its Kentucky Hot Brown sandwiches, so it's only fitting that Josh experienced one for himself while in town. At Gary's On Spring, he helped build The Big Daddy Hot Brown, which boasts all of the classic fixings, including 3 pounds of bacon. "I sell this for parties of 30," Chef Harold said of this cheese-topped platter.

Where to Find: Gary's On Spring

Come Back Inn

Though Come Back Inn calls Louisville home, many of its dishes are inspired by those served in Chicago, especially The Godfather, a 5-pound creation similar to a beef sandwich that's famous in the Windy City. Featuring a base of juicy, thinly sliced beef, this au-jus-drenched masterpiece is piled high with toppings, including more meat in the form of sliced sausage links. "This is definitely the boss of sandwiches," Josh said as he prepared to dig in.

Where to Find: Come Back Inn

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