Where to Find the Best Ginormous Food in Phoenix

Josh Denny visited local hot spots across Phoenix, to experience some of the city's most-massive eats. Find out which restaurants he went to and what he tasted.

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El Palacio Restaurant

It takes more than 15 ingredients to create El Bandido, a 28-inch-long burrito that's as covered in fixings as it is stuffed with them. When it comes to the filling, El Palacio opts for a mix of traditional picks, like beef, chicken and rice, plus two unexpected items: a chile relleno and a meaty tamale. The result? "It's really delicious," Josh declares. "You feel all the love that's been put into the meat."

El Palacio


Porkopolis isn't shy about putting the spotlight on pork. The restaurant's 5-pound Triple Brady Bacon Burger features not only strips of bacon but also three bacon-studded burger patties, each piled high with juicy pulled pork and blanketed with pepper Jack cheese. To balance all that richness, a base of cool coleslaw is added to all three layers, guaranteeing a towering finished product.



Tipping the scales at a whopping 10 pounds, the Bubbie's Belly Buster brings together classic deli delights — think brisket and latkes — to create a 14-inch-wide sandwich monster. The succulent brisket is made especially juicy with a gravy from the drippings, while a topping of Monterey Jack cheese (14 slices to be exact!) adds a rich, creamy bite.


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