Where to Find the Best Ginormous Food in Richmond

Josh Denny visited local hot spots across Richmond to experience some of the city's most-massive eats. Find out which restaurants he went to and what he tasted.

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The Black Sheep

Oversize sandwiches, aka Battleships, are a favorite among locals who frequent The Black Sheep, and the eatery's Battleship Manassas is indeed part of the fleet. This hefty offering is packed with fried trout and fresh fixings, and it tips the scales at 7 pounds. According to Josh, "Fresh tomato and lettuce just add that nice zesty flavor."

Where to Find: The Black Sheep

The Halligan Bar & Grill

With no fewer than 11 layers, The Flatliner from The Halligan Bar & Grill is the ultimate meat monstrosity, built with a burger patty and pulled pork, along with a trio of other meaty elements. Before this sandwich gets its top bun, a few onion rings and a generous squirt of barbecue sauce are added on top. "This is a two-hander, by the way," Josh declared as he worked to take his first bite of this impressive dish.

Where to Find: The Halligan Bar & Grill

Baja Bean Co.

"It looked big when we were making it, but out here on the table, to scale, it's massive," Josh told Chef-Owner Jeff while surveying The Donkey, a next-level-large burrito. More than 20 ingredients are rolled inside this cheese-topped burrito, including rice, black and refried beans, and two kinds of meat: ground beef and pulled pork.

Where to Find: Baja Bean Co.

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