Find the Restaurants Featured on Guilty Pleasures: Deep-Fried Sweet Tooth

There's no escaping the decadence of these rich dishes, including Guy Fieri's pick for a beef burrito in Las Vegas.

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Son of a Gun

Built on a buttered bun that's been slathered with a creamy aioli, the fried chicken sandwich from Son of a Gun in Los Angeles features a crispy battered chicken breast and a tangy slaw with pickles and jalapeno. "This is not just any ordinary fried chicken sandwich," Jaleel White explains. "This is an experience."

Where to Find: Son of a Gun


West Hollywood's Terroni restaurant boasts two of Brooke Burke-Charvet's most-indulgent picks: Lamb Ragu and Nutella Fritelle. While the pasta is tossed in a savory sauce of tender lamb and herbs, the dessert is pure sweet decadence in the form of Nutella-filled fried dough balls.

Where to Find: Terroni

Barton G. The Restaurant

According to Jonathan Bennett, "This dish is some sweet, sweet goodness." He's talking about the Marie Antoinette Cotton Candy Head at Los Angeles' Barton G. The Restaurant. The pink cotton candy hair measures a whopping 2 feet high, and there's even more on the side: a rich, buttery vanilla cake topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry.

Where to Find: Barton G. The Restaurant

Roberto's Taco Shop

"It's simple. It's straight to the point. Salsa, guacamole and tons of carne asada — that's it," Guy says of the carne asada burrito from Roberto's Taco Shop in Las Vegas. This hefty burrito is rolled up with juicy, seasoned beef inside, plus tried-and-true fixings: fresh pico de gallo and cool guacamole.

Where to Find: Roberto's Taco Shop

Odd Duck

"You know 30 seconds before it hits the table that something amazing is coming," Alex Guarnaschelli says of the Lamb Meatloaf Sandwich from Austin's Odd Duck. This piled-high sandwich features a thick piece of juicy lamb meatloaf nestled on a bed of arugula, and on top there's a duo of potatoes: creamy potato salad and crispy potato chips.

Where to Find: Odd Duck

Gibson's Bar and Steakhouse

"You haven't had a guilty pleasure till you've had a slice ... of Macadamia Turtle Pie over a foot high," Jeff Mauro says of the over-the-top treat from Gibson's Bar and Steakhouse in Chicago. The bottom of this towering pie features a toasted macadamia nut crust, while the filling features layer upon layer of sweet indulgences, including a whopping 3 pounds of ice cream.

Where to Find: Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

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