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Toca Madera

At Los Angeles' Toca Madera, it's all about the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich for Kendra Wilkinson. "There's something about it," she explains of the cinnamon-laced churros, which make up the two sandwich halves around the salted caramel ice cream. "You can't get enough of it."

Where to Find: Toca Madera

Chili John's

According to Ross Matthews, the Chili Over Spaghetti at Chili John's in Burbank, Calif., "is the guiltiest chili of all time in the most-amazing way." Made with beef cracklings and a bold spice mixture, this hearty, meaty chili is piled atop spaghetti and beans, then left to you to dress it up with toppings however you want.

Where to Find: Chili John's

Donut Bar

"If you want to make a doughnut into a guilty pleasure, you shove a Pop-Tart into it," Duff Goldman says. That's just what happens at Donut Bar in San Diego. The restaurant's Big Poppa Tart features a Pop-Tart baked inside a yeast doughnut, which gets fried and filled with jam. And to finish this masterpiece? A layer of glaze and even more Pop-Tarts (this time crushed) and jam.

Where to Find: Donut Bar


"No one does breakfast like Hugo's," Judy Greer explains of the situation at this West Hollywood, Calif., eatery. She opts for El Desayuno Burrito, an over-the-top burrito filled with scrambled eggs and peppers, and blanketed with a smoky chipotle salsa and plenty of gooey mozzarella cheese. 

Where to Find: Hugo's

The Escondite

Sure, you've likely had burgers before, but the John Bleu-Cheese Burger from Los Angeles' The Escondite reinvents those ordinary classics. Not only is the patty stuffed with blue cheese, but it's also deep-fried, bathed in hot sauce and finished with Pringles. "It's just yummy all around," Graham Elliot says. 

Where to Find: The Escondite

Brooklyn Kolache Co.

The Chili Dog Kolache from Brooklyn Kolache Co. in Brooklyn is a mash-up of three signature cuisines. "You have Czech-Tex-Mex — in Brooklyn," Justin Warner says of the beef-bean chili and the sliced hot dog inside a buttery dough.

Where to Find: Brooklyn Kolache Co.

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