Find the Restaurants Featured on Guilty Pleasures: Holy Moly Burgers!

There's no escaping the decadence of these rich dishes, including Duff Goldman's pick of a burger piled high between two doughnuts.

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Oh My Burger

In Gardena, Calif., Oh My Burger is making a kind of between-the-bun feature that goes beyond the beef-and-cheese standby you already know. The Oh My Luther, which Duff Goldman calls "a food sculpture," is a piled-high tower of seasoned beef, a runny fried egg, jalapenos and bacon, plus several crispy onion rings. And instead of bun halves, sweet and fluffy glazed doughnuts sandwich this savory masterpiece. "This burger will change your whole perspective on things," Duff says.

Where to Find: Oh My Burger

Black Market Liquor Bar

Though Tia Mowry admits to being previously unfamiliar with the concept of a Fluffernutter sandwich, she quickly took to the Deep Fried Fluffer-Nutter from Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City, Calif.  This peanut butter-banana-marshmallow sandwich is an over-the-top creation with a perfectly crispy outside and a gooey, creamy inside. "It is so good," Tia says simply.

Where to Find: Black Market Liquor Bar

Tony Packo's Cafe

According to Michael Symon, "Everything leading up to the Mother of All Dogs was just a pretender." The M.O.A.D. at Tony Packo's Cafe in Toledo features an oversize Hungarian sausage layered with mustard, onions and a beefy spiced chili, and Michael says, "It really snaps when you bite into it."

Where to Find: Tony Packo’s Cafe

The Purple Pig

"When you're talking about a pork-centric restaurant, The Purple Pig is where it's at," Anne Burrell explains of the scene at this Chicago eatery. She craves the Milk Braised Pork Shoulder, which is slowly cooked in a mixture of whole milk, fresh herbs and garlic, then served with mashed potatoes and a milk-based gravy. "Kind of like Mom's hug coming around you," Anne says of eating this comforting masterpiece.

Where to Find: The Purple Pig

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

It's all about the Cruffin, a stuffed muffin-shaped croissant, at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco, and for Gail Simmons, the PB&J Cruffin is the one to order. "The PB&J Cruffin is my jam," she says of the sugar-topped pastry filled with plenty of peanut butter cream and strawberry jam.

Where to Find: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Blue Collar

"The rock shrimp is the star of this," Sam Champion notes of the Rock Shrimp Mac & Cheese at Miami's Blue Collar. The Atlantic Ocean-sourced seafood adds heft to the three-cheese mac and cheese, laced with mustard and hot sauce and finished with crispy bacon. "Your stomach's telling you to stop, but your brain isn't," says Sam of enjoying this stick-to-your-ribs pick.

Where to Find: Blue Collar

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