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There's no escaping the decadence of these rich dishes, including Alex Guarnaschelli's pick of a 2-pound muffuletta.

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Kuma's Corner

Meet the Mastodon. This over-the-top burger from Kuma's Corner in Chicago "totally lives up to its name," Graham Elliot explains. "This burger is big." At Kuma's they top the beefy patty with strips of crispy bacon, a squirt of bourbon-laced barbecue sauce, plus a slice of melty cheese and a pile of fried onions. "It's perfection between two pieces of pretzel bread," Graham says.

Where to Find: Kuma's Corner

Central Grocery

"It's a 2-pound sandwich," Alex Guarnaschelli says simply of the muffuletta from Central Grocery in New Orleans. "I'm feeling guilty pleasure of the highest order. It's just that good." There's no fewer than 20 slices of salami layered on this meat-and-cheese masterpiece, plus other deli favorites, like capicola, ham and two kinds of cheese. The olive salad topping "is what makes a muffuletta uniquely good," according to Alex, and this one, studded with peppers, is made from a time-honored recipe.

Where to Find: Central Grocery

The Treats Truck

Not your everyday nachos, the Dessert Nachos from Brooklyn's The Treats Truck star sweet ingredients, like a base of cookies in place of chips and no shortage of decadent toppings. Gooey marshmallow treats, chocolatey brownies, fluffy whipped cream, even colorful sprinkles — it's all here and waiting to be scooped up with a duo of crispy-chewy cookies.

Where to Find: The Treats Truck

Biscuit Love Brunch

"It's just joy baked into that thing," Aarti Sequeira says of the Gertie from Nashville's Biscuit Love. The buttermilk-laced biscuits are topped with gravy, but not the savory kind. Gooey chocolate gravy is the star here, alongside rich peanut butter, sweetened banana jam and crunchy pretzels. "It's the kind of thing that will make you feel like a child again," Aarti explains.

Where to Find: Biscuit Love Brunch

The Red Lion Tavern

At The Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake, Calif., it's all about the Jagerschnitzel & Spaetzle for Daphne Brogdon. This crispy, golden fried pork is topped with a rich mushroom gravy and served alongside the herbed spaetzle, which The Red Lion Tavern boils in-house, and bright pickled cabbage.

Where to Find: The Red Lion Tavern

The Montville Inn

There's sausage and peppers, and then there's the Sweet Italian Sausage platter from The Montville Inn in Montville, N.J. Built on top of a bed of crispy, freshly fried potato chips, the Italian sausages are sauteed with white wine and onions, then topped with fried hot peppers. "Like Italian nachos," Buddy Valastro explains of his approach to eating this next-level dish.

Where to Find: The Montville Inn

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