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There's no escaping the decadence of these rich dishes, including Duff Goldman's pick for over-the-top fried ice cream.

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The Rosebud

"It's a guilty pleasure for me 'cause every time I go to this place, I cannot not get it," Jeff Mauro says of the Pork Chop Calabrese from Rosebud's in Chicago. This piled-high platter of pork features two breaded-then-fried chops bathed in a buttery white sauce studded with two kinds of peppers, plus crispy potatoes. "If you're not sweating a little bit, you're not eating this right," Jeff notes, thanks to the subtle spice from the peppers.

Where to Find: The Rosebud

Gas Full Service Restaurant

According to Bobby Deen, the Jalapeno Popper Burger from Gas Full Service Restaurant in St. Augustine, Fla., "is the Grand Canyon of guilt." A creamy jalapeno popper-inspired mixture of ground jalapenos and cheddar and cream cheeses is sandwiched between two beef patties to create the ultimate in monster meat, which is first griddled and then fried until crispy on the outside. 

Where to Find: GAS Full Service Restaurant

Rennick Meat Market

"This is like a turbo eggs Benedict times 10," notes Alex Guarnaschelli of the Short Rib Hash from Rennick Meat Meat in Ashtabula, Ohio. Two poached eggs top this buttery potato-short rib hash, which is finished with a creamy hollandaise sauce that, according to Alex, is "really what makes the hash." 

Where to Find: Rennick Meat Market

Mohawk House

It's all about the pairing of savory and sweet for Sandra Denton and Cheryl James of Salt-N-Pepa when they go to Mohawk House in Sparta, N.J. They start with the super-cheesy egg-topped Mohawk Burger, then they move on to the Molten Chocolate Cake, which is finished with gooey caramel sauce and sea salt. "Like chocolate lava," Cheryl says of the pool of chocolate that flows out of the cake when you slice it open.

Where to Find: Mohawk House

House of Pies

"We might to need have a gravy intervention," David Arquette jokes of his wife Christina McLarty-Arquette's penchant for the gravy atop the Country Fried Steak at Los Angeles' House of Pies. This creamy concoction is poured atop the golden-brown fried steak and buttery mashed potatoes to create stick-to-your-ribs comfort food.

Where to Find: House of Pies

Frach's Fried Ice Cream

You've had ice cream, you've had cake and you've had deep-fried delights. But have you had all three together — topped with whipped cream? That's Duff Goldman's guilty pleasure, the Fried Ice Cream, from Frach's Fried Ice Cream in L.A. Duff's go-to order features homemade ice cream stuffed inside a rich chocolate cake ball, which gets fried and doused with sweet caramel and fluffy whipped cream. "Now, that's a guilty pleasure," he said after just one bite.

Where to Find: Frach's Fried Ice Cream

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