Find the Restaurants Featured on Guilty Pleasures: Pizza and Pigzilla!

There's no escaping the decadence of these rich dishes, including Aarón Sánchez's pick of a pork sandwich with 3 pounds of meat.

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The Churchill

"Triple brined, double fried," Jonathan Bennet explains of the fried chicken situation at The Churchill in West Hollywood, Calif. This golden-brown, crispy meat stars in the Southern Fried Chicken N' Bacon Studded Waffles, which features buttermilk-laced bacon waffles and a buttery hot sauce. "It shouldn't be called a guilty pleasure. It should be called the guilty pleasure," says Jonathan simply.

Village Whiskey

Duck fat-bathed french fries, succulent beer-simmered short ribs, buttery gravy and a creamy cheddar-beer sauce — it's all waiting for you at Philadelphia's Village Whiskey when you order the Short Rib & Cheddar Duck Fat Fries. "This is not a fast-food fry. Get your fork and get your knife," Bobby Deen advises. "And it tastes like the most-perfect amalgam-y of flavors."

Where to Find: Village Whiskey

Papa Buck's BBQ

"This sandwich is so intimidating," Aarón says of the Pigzilla from Papa Buck's BBQ in Metter, Ga. "This sandwich is big. It's scary." Indeed it's one monster-size presentation of a whopping 3 pounds of slow-smoked pork shoulder piled on a buttery roll. Pro tip: If you manage to down the whole sandwich in just 45 minutes, you'll earn $175 cash and a shirt from the restaurant. Aarón admits: "I didn't get through the whole thing. But someday, I will stand amongst the pantheon of Pigzilla champs and bask in all my porkiness."

Shutters on the Beach

For Carnie Wilson, it's all about the Salted Caramel Sundae at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, Calif. This next-level dessert features a bed of homemade hot fudge and cool salted caramel ice cream, plus toppings of dark-chocolate brownies and — wait for it — stove-popped popcorn that's been blanketed in warm caramel. "It's perfect. It's a wicked dessert," she says. 

Where to Find: Shutters on the Beach

Dai Due

Part eatery and part butchery, Austin's Dai Due "is a one-stop shop," according to Gail Simmons, who heads there for the Venison Enchilada. "It is something that I dream about." This inspired take on the traditional enchilada features a venison-based picadillo mixed with gooey cheddar that's sandwiched between fresh tortillas. A runny fried egg tops the enchilada, which is finished with crema and pickled onions. "You get so many different flavors all at once," explains Gail.

Joe Squared Pizza

"Pizza is not a guilty pleasure," Duff Goldman proclaims. "You have to make it ridiculous." And surely the Build Your Own Pizza from Joe Squared Pizza in Baltimore can take such a turn. When Duff goes, he opts for "a very specific combination of pork and seafood that I like to put together," he explains. Not only is the crust slathered with a roasted garlic sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella, but it's also layered with no shortage of toppings; Duff's picks range from bacon and prosciutto to sliced jalapenos and corn to clams and squid. "No two bites are alike," he says of indulging in the pie.

Where to Find: Joe Squared Pizza

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