Guilty Pleasures, Episode 4: Find the Restaurants Featured on the Show

From Valerie Bertinelli's pick of an egg-topped sandwich to Bobby Flay's order of super-juicy steak, see where stars indulge in over-the-top eats.

Petit Trois

Layered with buttery bread, Gruyère-laced bechamel sauce, tender ham, and even more sauce and cheese, the Croque Madame from Los Angeles' Petit Trois is finished with a golden egg on top to achieve what Valerie calls "a symphony of textures and tastes."

Where to Find: Petit Trois

Martin's BBQ

"It is a slab of bologna. When I say slab, I'm talking an inch thick," says Carla Hall of the meaty slice of bologna served in the Fried Bologna Sandwich at Martin's BBQ in Nashville. This hefty hunk develops a crispy browned crust after a quick fry and is rounded out with mustard, pickles and onions on the bun.

Where to Find: Martin's BBQ

Carnitas' Snack Shack

It's no surprise that at San Diego's Carnitas' Snack Shack, Richard Blais orders the Carnitas Tacos from the eatery's "menu of pork deliciousness." These next-level beauties are first roasted and then quickly seared so they take on a bold crispiness before they're piled into corn tortillas and dolloped with cool guacamole. "This is truly about the pig," Richard says simply.

Where to Find: Carnita's Snack Shack

Donut Friend

"Somehow my car finds its way over to Donut Friend, and I need to have the bacon-maple doughnut," Daphne Brogdon explains of winding up at the Los Angeles bakery. Not only does she indulge in this sweet-and-savory bacon-topped treat, but she likes the strawberry-and-cream-stuffed and lemon-fruit-finished beauties as well. "It would be very easy to take a bunch of these fabulous doughnuts and just, like, snort like a pig," she jokes.

Where to Find: Donut Friend

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

"When I'm eating this steak, I'm not talking to anybody," Bobby says of the monstrous, sizzling porterhouse steak at New York City's Wolfgang's Steakhouse. When Bobby's there, he doesn't even need a menu. For him, it's all about the porterhouse, plus creamed spinach and crispy German potatoes.

Where to Find: Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Salty Sow

According to Fabio Viviani, "you're going to smile" when digging into the Triple Fried Duck Fat Fries from Austin's Salty Sow. He explains that "duck fat adds a very unique flavor," since it's "a gamier, richer ... nuttier fat." Not only are these fries served with a side of herb-laced bearnaise sauce, but they're also topped with two silky, runny eggs.

Where to Find: Salty Sow

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