Guilty Pleasures, Episode 6: Find the Restaurants Featured on the Show

From Alex Guarnaschelli's chili-topped Fritos to Katie Lee's meaty, cheesy nachos, find out where the stars go for their most-decadent eats.

Dudley's on Short

Bobby Flay calls the Tournedos Maxwell at Dudley's on Short in Lexington, Ky., "the perfect three-course meal in one single bite." There's a pair of filet mignons, plus a hefty helping of crabmeat and an herby bearnaise brimming with butter, all coming together to create a dish that Bobby deems "incredibly decadent."

Where to Find: Dudley's on Short

Cowgirl BBQ

"This Frito pie is an experience," Alex says simply of the Frito Pie (& Ribs) plate at Santa Fe's Cowgirl BBQ, which specializes in Texas-style eats. This hearty, meaty plate features an open bag of Fritos, which is piled high with brisket-studded chili, plus toppings like sour cream, cheese, onions and jalapeno. For extra indulgence, Alex also orders pork ribs, rubbed with chiles and smoked. "You're just going to enjoy every bite, 'cause every bite offers something different," says Alex.

Where to Find: Cowgirl BBQ

Kreuz Market

Sausage, brisket, turkey, spareribs — it's all included in the BBQ Meat Platter at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas. "It just ruins you for other meat," Daphne Brogdon says of the decadence that's offered at Kreuz. Since the restaurant forbids the use of forks, Daphne explains, "You got to get down and dirty if you're going to eat at Kreuz's — and wear elastic pants."

Where to Find: Kreuz Market

Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles

There's no shortage of rich tastes on the plate when David Alan Grier orders The Oscar at Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles in Hollywood. Not only is the dish brimming with golden fried chicken and buttery grits, but there's a biscuit and fried egg too, the latter of which David piles on top of the grits for over-the-top chicken-dunking possibilities. 

Where to Find: Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles

El Vez

Not your ordinary plate of nachos, the Macho Nacho Platter at Philadelphia's El Vez boasts layer after layer of flavor, including a trio of gooey cheeses and bold chorizo. "They spread out and then evenly cover every chip with everything that goes on the nacho," Katie explains. "There's, like, table envy from everyone around you," she says of the scene when ordering these next-level nachos. 

Where to Find: El Vez

Zazu Kitchen + Farm

In Sebastopol, Calif., Richard Blais heads to Zazu Kitchen + Farm for its Bacon Caramel Popcorn, a sweet-salty treat featuring homemade bacon salt made from apple-wood-smoked bacon. Richard jokes, "Basically, when it arrives, it's like every dream you've ever had."

Where to Find: Zazu Kitchen + Farm

Barrel and Ashes

"It's the best cornbread you've ever had in your entire life," Valerie Bertinelli declares of the Hoe Cakes at Barrel and Ashes in Studio City, Calif. "It's just this sweet, savory mixture of happiness." Slathered with maple butter and finished with fresh scallions, this soft-centered beauty is "so rich but yet still a tiny bit crumbly," Valerie adds.

Where to Find: Barrel and Ashes

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