Have Cake, Will Travel: Behind the Scenes

Food Network's new series Have Cake, Will Travel follows cake queen Ashley Vicos as she hand-delivers her creations and partakes in the parties. Check out our behind-the-scenes sneak peek at one fashionable event.

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Fashion Week Fare

Ashley and her motley crew of assistants prepare for designer Rebecca Minkoff's fashion week party at the Griffin in NYC.

Behind the Lens

It's a big job for Ashley, and also for the camera crew.

Last-Minute Adjustments

Things are looking a little dicey on set when Ashley's gorgeous cake purses — inspired by Rebecca's designs — won't stay put on the spinning wheel as she had envisioned.

Crunch Time

Ashley's assistants, Derek and Erin, are genuinely stressed.

Staying Focused

The cake team isn't distracted at all by the cameras — they're focused on the cake, determined to make it work.

Plan B

Ultimately, Ashley decides to display some of the cakes in front of the wheel and decorate it with lighter edible accessories, like shoes and belts.

Adding Glam

Ashley adds finishing touches to her showpiece.

Ready to Roll

Surveying the elaborate cake

All in the Details

Ashley and crew spell out "love" in different languages on the cake base.


The finished product

Personal Touches

Ms. Minkoff, tonight's guest of honor, is depicted in sugar.

Time to Dig In

The designer's young son doesn't really care how cool the cake looks — he just wants to eat some.

Edible Fashions

Rebecca's bags up close

New Collection

More signature Minkoff bags, 100% edible

Too Pretty to Taste?

Soon enough, a slew of fashionable guests arrive from Rebecca's fashion show and swoon over Ashley's cakes.