Health Inspector 101: Can You Spot the Violations?

Check out these images of a filthy restaurant featured on Food Network's Health Inspectors, and see if you can locate the health code violations. Click "Next Photo" to reveal the infractions and learn more about them.

Host Ben Vaughn

Chef and restaurant consultant Ben Vaughn is on a mission to help the dirtiest restaurants in America clean up their acts before their looming health inspections.

Walk-In Cooler

Do you see the health code violations in this walk-in cooler? How many are there and what are they?

Walk-In Cooler Violations

1. Food is stored on the floor; 2. Dirt could fall into uncovered food; 3. Food should be labeled to identify contents and expiration dates; 4. Proteins should be stored on the lowest shelf to avoid cross-contamination; 5. There is rust on shelves; 6. There are dirty surfaces; 7. Porous packaging like cardboard could harbor bacteria.

Kitchen Preparation Area

Do you see the health code violations in the kitchen? How many are there and what are they?

Kitchen Preparation Area Violations

1. There are dirty surfaces; 2. Dirty towels could lead to cross-contamination; 3. Hot food should be covered so as to maintain its temperature; 4. Foods should be kept at proper temperatures to prevent bacterial growth; 5. Dishes and pots should be inverted so that they don't collect debris; 6. Chopping boards should be kept apart so as to discourage cross-contamination.

Kitchen Sink

Do you see the health code violations near the kitchen sink? How many are there and what are they?

Kitchen Sink Violations

1. A three-compartment sink should be set up so that there's one area for washing, one for rinsing and another for sanitizing; 2. The food preparation sink could be contaminated with bacteria on dirty dishes; 3. Dishes and pots should be inverted so that they don't collect debris.

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