On the Set of Heartland Table

Check out insider photos of Heartland Table, hosted by Amy Thielen.

Comfort at Home

In Amy's Minnesota cabin kitchen, fresh ingredients sourced locally are always on the menu. She purchases various ingredients from nearby suppliers to ensure her meat, produce and eggs are of the best-possible quality, then she uses the goods to make hearty heartland-style meals.

Relative Silliness

Amy flashed a bright smile while cooking alongside her cousin Matt Thielen.

Family Fare

Together in the kitchen with her husband, Aaron Spangler, Amy enjoyed a hearty meal of crispy-skinned fried chicken.

Local Greens

Amy stops by Bruce's garden to chat with him and Aaron about the fresh herbs growing inside the greenhouse.

Casual and Inviting

Amy's quaint porch features several oversize lawn chairs, plus an expansive table for alfresco dining.

Star Centerpiece

Inspired by her grandmother's recipe, Amy makes a "granny-style" chicken with fresh herbs and bread stuffing to create a party-ready feast.

Vibrant Crops

Located right in her backyard, Amy's overflowing garden is studded with collard greens, among other vegetables.

In-Season Produce

Summertime wild blueberries are the star of Amy's golden-brown pie, featuring a flaky, buttery crust and fruity center.

House Beers

At Ocooch Books & Libations, Amy chats with Daniel Miller, who shares a few of his store's microbrews.

Dual Sales

Part-time bookstore and part-time brewery, Ocooch Books & Libations is known for its unique offerings of the latest literature, plus local wines, spirits and beers.

Dessert Done Simply

Rich and creamy vanilla ice cream gets dressed up with a dousing of Amy's rhubarb-raspberry syrup.

Better with Butter

Al Bekkum welcomed Amy to his business, Nordic Creamery, for an insider's look at the butter-making process — and he even let her taste a just-made batch.

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