Heat Seekers, Season 2: Behind the Spicy Scenes

Relive the hottest moments and most outrageous eats from the second season of Food Network's Heat Seekers.

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Challenge Accepted

With the help of professional bull riders, Roger and Aaron face off against one another to see who can put away the most mouth-burning Hell Burgers from Rooster's Roadhouse in Dallas.

Ghostly Heat

Chef Keith "Buttons" Hicks of Buttons Restaurant in Dallas shows Roger and Aaron the secret to his over-the-top spicy chicken wings: a creamy finishing sauce made with a single ghost pepper, the third hottest pepper in the world.

Papa Jamaica

Willie Raynor, husband of the Mama Jamaica of San Diego's Mama Jamaica Cafe and Grill, takes tender shrimp to a high level of heat by sauteing them in a blistering Scotch bonnet habanero sauce.

Mad Donna's Mac

Roger and Aaron belly up to the bar at Mad Donna's to taste this East Nashville hot spot's not-exactly-comforting Habanero Mac and Cheese, topped with a wicked Hell-Fire Crunch.

Pasta, Creole-Style

Broadway Brewhouse Chef Al Anderson teaches Roger and Aaron how to "eat the heat" in his stomach-scorching Diablo Pasta, covered in a chipotle sauce and studded with jalapeno bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Nashville's Hottest Hot Chicken

Tennessee Titan Jordan Babineaux joins Roger and Aaron at Scoreboard Bar and Grill as they each attempt to finish just one piece of Satan's Tongue chicken, drizzled with a fiery Gun Powder sauce. "This is no 8-oz. piece of chicken," Jordan warns of the outrageous dish.

Crabby Eaters

Bites of fresh, cool crabmeat do little to offset the heat in the spicy crab cakes at Crabby Bill's, where they're covered with a Scotch bonnet salsa.

$1,000 Challenge

Though it may look like an average bowl of noodles and broth, the Inferno Soup at Nitally's Thai-Mex Cuisine in Tampa Bay is packed with one dozen different peppers, and it's worth $1,000 if finished in full. The Heat Seekers gave it their best shot with a few spoonfuls each but couldn't get past its incinerating effects. Aaron and Roger's pictures are in good company on the Inferno Soup Hall of Shame — not one person has eaten the entire bowl.

Cooling Off

After a cross-country tour of America's hottest sizzlers, Roger and Aaron have earned a dip in the cool waters off Tampa Bay.