Season 4, Episode 1

Batali vs. Cosentino

Chef Chris Cosentino enters Kitchen Stadium for the first time and challenges Iron Chef Mario Batali to a culinary showdown. Will Chef Cosentino's creativity best Iron Chef Batali?

Ted Allen
Donatella Arpaia
Jeffrey Steingarten

Challenger stats: Chef Cosentino
From: Rhode Island

Restaurants: Incanto

Cuisine: Italian

Interests: Cycling, hanging out with my family, reading cookbooks

Ideal secret ingredient: Offal of any type

Culinary inspirations: Jean Louis Palladin, Mark Miller, historical recipes and cooking techniques

Ideal judge: Jeffrey Steingarten

Culinary secret weapon: Single varietal extra virgin olive oils. Each one has a distinct flavor.

Favorite restaurant: St. John in London

Favorite food: I can't say I have a favorite food, but for my last meal I'd choose a really good blood sausage with sizzled farm eggs.

Food you won't go near: I'll try anything once.

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Balut, a Filipino embryonic duck egg. It had a formed bird with feathers and all inside and it was crunchy.

Favorite food destination: A farmer's market anywhere in the world

Alternative dream job: Professional cyclist





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