Kid in a Candy Store Highlights: Season 2

Adam Gertler is your guide to hot confectionary spots across the country. Check out the highlights of his delightfully sweet journey in Season 2 of Kid in a Candy Store.

Watson's Chocolates, Buffalo, N.Y.

Adam discovers Watson's "Sponge Candy," a Buffalo, N.Y., delicacy that rises like dough in copper kettles.

Sconza, Oakdale, Calif.

In this episode, Adam is sinking his teeth into all things crunchy. He better be careful with this 12-layer jawbreaker called "The Bruiser."

Popcorn Girl, Las Vegas

Rounding out Adam's crunchy experience is munchable popcorn that tastes exactly like strawberry cheesecake, plus 50 other tantalizing flavors.

Papabubble, New York

Next up, treats that are sweetly deceptive. Papabubble's artisans hand-craft hard candy into creations like toothbrushes, hats and ice cream cones.

Max Brenner, Las Vegas

Adam digs into sweet pizza at a restaurant where chocolate is served at every course.

Yummy Cupcakes, Burbank, Calif.

Pick up a picnic basket of corn on the cob, watermelon and hamburgers — all made from cupcakes.

Doughnut Plant, New York

At this unconventional doughnut shop, the ultimate fried sweet is inspired by a gourmet dessert. Who could resist a creme brulee doughnut?

Olsen's Danish Bakery, Solvang, Calif.

Adam tackles Danish specialties like Kransekage, an Old World 16-layer tower of cake that is making a comeback.

Swiss Colony, Monroe, Wis.

These Swiss dessert logs are rolled with cream filling and decorated with almost-too-cute-to-eat characters.

Ben & Jerry's, Burlington, Vt.

Adam gets the scoop on Ben & Jerry's most outrageous ice cream yet and visits with the flavor gurus to discover what they're dreaming up next.

Aunt Sally's Pralines, New Orleans

This Crescent City favorite produces a variety of creamy pralines, including their signature Tabasco-infused "Sugar & Spice."

Eli's Cheesecake Company, Chicago

Next, Adam samples the latest luscious recipe at Eli's Cheesecake Company: citrus paired with wine in the luxurious Blood Orange Champagne Cheesecake.

Necco, Boston

At the Necco factory, Adam learns that this childhood favorite has upgrade with new fruit flavors and modern phrases like "Text Me."

Airheads, Erlanger, Ky.

These days, there's a new Airhead on the market: Xtremes Sweetly Sour Belts stretch for miles.

Plush Puffs, Los Angeles

Adam learns the gooey secrets to making two-pound artisan marshmallows.

Tootsie Roll, Chicago

An exclusive tour of Tootsie Roll Industries reveals the juicy new Pomegranate Tootsie Pop.

Gooey Louie, St. Louis

Adam checks out a local St. Louis pastry delicacy: traditional gooey butter cake that's now teaming up with fruit, chocolate, caramel and dozens of other fresh ideas.

Xooro, Glendale, Calif.

Spanish churros go gourmet: Think tubular Tiramisu and Maple Bacon. The only thing these inventive churros have in common with their ancestors is the deep fryer.

Jelly Belly, Fairfield, Calif.

Adam checks out what's new at the Jelly Belly Candy Company, where fruit-flavored jellybeans take a dip in dark chocolate, emerging as the new Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips.

Sterling Confections, Menlo Park, Calif.

Next Adam checks out more whimsical chocolates, like these huge triangular truffle bars filled with exotic flavors and covered in psychedelic designs.

Chips Chocolate Factory, Kansas City

Fudge-making takes an acrobatic twist when the chocolate factory owner shows Adam how he uses a paddle to flip his fudge up to 20 feet into the air.

Vosges, Chicago

This artisan chocolate shop makes wild Easter creations, including a bacon chocolate egg and their exotic bunny collection.

Alliance Bakery, Chicago

Pastry Chef Peter Rios blows molten sugar (like glass) into mind-blowing edible hard-candy sculpture.

Hammond's Candies, Denver

Adam discovers gargantuan spiral lollipops that grow to five pounds and come in funky flavors like pear, pumpkin and birthday cake.