Meet the Kids BBQ Championship Competitors in Season 2

Learn more about the kids competing for a chance to win $10,000 and the title of Kids BBQ Champion.

Photo By: Scott Everett White

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

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Photo By: Scott Everett White

Photo By: Scott Everett White

Photo By: Scott Everett White

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

Photo By: Jessica Brooks

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Photo By: Scott Everett White

Photo By: Scott Everett White

Photo By: Scott Everett White

Photo By: Scott Everett White

Kids BBQ Championship

Damaris Phillips and Eddie Jackson host Kids BBQ Championship. In each episode, four kids compete for the chance to win $10,000 and the title of champion. Meet the talented young grillers who'll be competing in Season 2.


Daniel has been cooking for seven years. Every Thanksgiving he roasts the family's turkey. He comes from a family who loves to grill, so in this competition he wants to prove he's the best griller of them all.


Gill has been cooking since the age of 4. He loves to garden and spend time on the farm taking care of the animals. He's taken culinary classes before, and says grilled pizza is his favorite recipe to make.


Kelsey started cooking when she was 3 years old, helping out with her mom's cake business. Kelsey's in the kitchen every day, and even considers herself a professional. She also teaches cooking classes to kids and volunteers as an animal socializer.


Raegan has been cooking since she was 4 years old. She was inspired by her mom to get into grilling, which Raegan loves because she has the freedom to grill anything. Raegan is also a competitive horseback rider.


Ava has been cooking since she was 8 years old. She first started grilling when her dad let her grill alongside him. Since then she's won two steak competitions.


Gabi started grilling when she was 5 years old. She considers spices her secret weapon when it comes to building flavors. She also makes her own barbecue sauces and rubs. Her favorite thing about grilling is hearing the sizzle of meat.


Josh loves Kansas City-style barbecue for its sweet rubs and barbecue sauces. He's been helping his dad at the grill ever since he could walk. Josh doesn't like to follow cookbooks, but instead comes up with recipes on the fly. One day he'd like to open a restaurant with his dad.


Stevie calls his style of cooking California fresh because he loves to use the freshest produce. He's well versed in the kitchen as he's cooked on the line in a restaurant before. He loves to experiment making different sauces. His dream is to own and operate his own food truck.


Ben has competed in many barbecuing competitions. He also takes cooking classes at a local college to help him hone his skills. He describes his cooking style as fresh and funky because he likes to experiment. He also cooks dinner for his family at least twice a week.


Ella considers cooking her passion. She loves to grill burgers, hot dogs, chicken and steaks. When it comes to barbecue, she names the city of St. Louis as her inspiration. Despite her small stature, Ella calls herself "a tough cookie." She's also an aspiring cupcake shop owner.


Kobe is a third-generation griller. Starting at the age of 7, he learned from his grandpa and his dad. He often cooks for over 50 people at church. Kobe likes to cook several different foods and likes to elevate his flavors. He also is active in sports like basketball, swimming and track.


Tamyra has been grilling for six years. She loves to grill with her dad for game-day parties. Her signature is combining sweet and spicy flavors, and she specializes in seasoning mixes and glazes.


Caselin started cooking at the age of 3, and got into grilling at the age of 4, learning much of what he knows from his grandfather. Caselin describes himself as fun, energetic and silly. He loves to cook wild meats with a spicy flavor profile.


Hailey loves to cook at home at least four times per week. She describes her grilling style as herby, salty, garlicky and smoky. When she's not cooking, Hailey loves to hunt and fish. She hopes to one day open up a meat-centric restaurant.


Kody learned to grill at 4 years old. He now calls himself the grill master in his family, attributing much of what he's learned to his grandfather. Kody's also a published cookbook recipe contributor. In his spare time, he wrestles and plays football.


Madison has been cooking since she was 8 years old. When she's by the grill, she gets into what she calls "the grilling zone." When she's not cooking for herself or her family, Madison teaches classes to kids. She hopes to be a chef when she grows up.


Campbell first started grilling at the age of 5, but she now grills every night of the week. Since her mom is a travel agent, Campbell has visited over 23 countries, which often inspires her cooking. She truly believes grilling shows her personality, and likes to call her way of doing things "Campbell style."


Nico enjoys fusing together Latin and Asian cuisines in his recipes. His dad's family is from Colombia, which has greatly influenced Nico's cooking style. He and his dad enjoy grilling together. Nico considers marinades and sauces two of the most important things in grilling. He also holds a black belt in karate.


Tyler's goal in life is to become a professional chef, and he dreams of attending culinary school. His dad and uncle taught him to grill, and ever since he's been hooked. He's excited by the danger of working with live fire. He loves to use spices in his grilling, and his favorite thing to grill is filet mignon.


Zoe started grilling alongside her dad at the age of 7. She's taken cooking classes all over the world, which is a big reason why she loves to incorporate international flavors into her recipes. She's previously won the Coos Bay Culinary competition at age 10. And she climbs Mount St. Helens every year.


Caleb and his dad often compete in barbecue competitions, and the two now run a business together. Caleb loves to use his secret rub recipe in most of his grilling.


Grace loves to grill steak and duck breast, often using her signature flavor profile of sweet, spicy and tangy. She is also a competitive horseback rider.


Ian considers himself an expert in low and slow barbecue. He's grilled since he was 6 years old when his grandpa started him out. Ian loves being outdoors, and hunts with his dad.


Iliana likes to utilize unique spices and different techniques when grilling. And she likes to fuse Texan and Mediterranean flavors in her dishes.


After tasting his first barbecue at the age of 4, Jonathan was hooked. He's now been grilling his signature Texas-style barbecue for eight years. Being outdoors is what he loves about barbecuing, and in his spare time he does outdoor activities with his dad.


Leetha has been grilling since she was seven years old. She learned everything she knows from her family's resident grill master, her dad. She's not afraid to say her skills are just as good as his. Leetha's very competitive and as a straight-A student, she always goes for perfection.


Oliver wants to be a rapper or a chef when he grows up. Even though he may be a city boy, he loves barbecuing, which he started doing at age five. He calls himself "the genius of barbecue." To show he means business, Oliver got the letters BBQ shaved into the back of his head.


With a mom and grandma who are both excellent cooks, it's inevitable that Tyra would end up loving to cook. She started grilling five years ago, and always has fun at the grill, even singing and dancing on occasion, although Tyra admits her dancing is not as graceful at the grill.


Allyson been grilling for five years, and loves grilling with her dad. She enjoys showing market hogs in the state fair.


Hayden has been grilling for five years. He attends barbecue competitions with his grandpa. Hayden describes his culinary style as elevated barbecue. He's also a ceritified Southern BBQ Network judge.


Jacob has been grilling for six years. He likes to swim, fish and barbecue. He cooks all different types of foods with mountain flavors. With his dad, he's competed and won the Grand Champion BBQ prize and the People's Choice BBQ prize.


Taylor spends a lot of time on her dad's cattle ranch. She has always been interested in cooking, and has even studied under chefs. She also likes to help out at her great aunt's restaurant.

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