Let’s Eat All These Ridiculously Good Recipes Right Now

You’ll definitely want to dig into these fan-favorite recipes featured on Let’s Eat, airing Sunday mornings at 9a|8c.

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Photo By: Jason DeCrow

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Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Blue Cheese-Aged Rib-Eye

Instead of spending money on pricey aged beef, you can get all the flavor and texture of aged meat simply by wrapping the steaks in blue cheese and letting them chill overnight. This one is a game-changer.

Get the Recipe: Blue Cheese-Aged Rib-Eye Steak

Grilled Brie and Strawberries

At once savory and sweet, creamy Brie cheese becomes soft and oh-so-gooey after a quick turn on the grill, all but guaranteeing a fondue-like pool ideal for dipping caramelized strawberries.

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Marshmallow Cereal Bowls

Yes, squares of marshmallow crispy treats are good. But when press that sweet, gooey mixture into a bowl shape and then line it with chocolate, it becomes simply great. Fill up the edible bowl with more good stuff, like fruit, ice cream or snacks.

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Edible Chocolate Bowl

You’ll never believe this, but the one piece of this recipe that’s absolutely crucial: a balloon! Once it’s blown up, dunk it in melted chocolate and then let it harden before popping the balloon to reveal a bowl that doubles as dessert.

Get the Recipe: Edible Chocolate Bowl

Stuffed Pinata Cake

A beautiful mess of colorful sprinkles and candy spills out of the cake when you slice into it, making it a go-to dessert for your next party.

Get the Recipe: Stuffed Pinata Cake

Magic Noodle Salad

You will not believe the magic before your eyes when these purple noodles turn pink in your plate! The secret? Butterfly pea flowers, which is in the water that soaks and cooks the noodles. When you add acid like lime juice, the purple color becomes pink — aka magic.

Get the Recipe: Magic Noodle Salad

S’mores Truffles

No backyard bonfire? No problem! Recreate the flavor of your favorite campfire treat in these two-bite beauties, featuring a gooey center of marshmallow crème.

Get the Recipe: S'mores Truffles

Zoodle Bolognese

Curly strips of zucchini become the "noodles" for this hearty meat sauce.

Get the Recipe: Zoodle Bolognese

Cupcake-Stuffed Ice Cream Cones

These too-cute treats may look like classic ice cream cones, but they’re actually stuffed with colorful cake and topped with frosting, not ice cream. You can get creative with the colors — feel free to use your or your child’s favorites.

Get the Recipe: Cupcake-Stuffed Ice Cream Cones

Crush Puppies

Succulent lump crabmeat is blanketed by a rich hush puppy batter and then deep-fried to create crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside crispy, golden bites.

Get the Recipe: Crush Puppies

Easy Eggs Benedict

You can trust the name here: This really is an easy breakfast! The key to effortless prep is ditching the usual poaching method for baked eggs; just crack the eggs in muffin tins to mimic a traditional poached presentation quickly and with zero fuss.

Get the Recipe: Easy Eggs Benedict

World's Easiest Chocolate Mousse in a Cookie Bowl

Calling all chocoholics. We've found your perfect dessert. The mousse is light, fluffy and creamy, which makes it an ideal balance for the crunch-chewy cookie bowls.

Get the Recipe: World's Easiest Chocolate Mousse in a Cookie Bowl

Pork Wellington with Cherry Port Sauce

The usual beef centerpiece gets replaced with a lean pork tenderloin in this party-ready dinner. Be sure to brush the puff pastry with an egg wash; that’ll ensure a golden, glossy exterior on the pastry once it’s baked. (It’ll make your friends ooh and aah over your presentation — and that’s always good!)

Get the Recipe: Pork Wellington with Cherry Port Sauce

Grilled Tomatoes and Burrata

Pair the juicy tomatoes and super-creamy burrata with your favorite crusty bread, and let guests help themselves to making their own appetizers.

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Fig and Rosemary Mule

Muddle a fresh fig and fragrant rosemary before topping it with vodka and lime juice to add a bright flavor to this five-minute cocktail.

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Potato Nests

Three ingredients are all it takes to make these impressive edible potato bowls. The secret here is to make sure the potatoes are rinsed (and then fully dried) so the starch is removed before frying.

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