Meat & Potatoes: Highlights

Join host Rahm Fama as he travels across the U.S. in search of the best places to enjoy the choicest cuts of beef, pork and more.

Hot Dog Heyday

Meat & Potatoes host Rahm Fama takes a break from his kitchen tour at Chicago's Franks 'N' Dawgs to enjoy one of their gourmet hand-crafted masterpieces.

Meat Goes Mobile

A stop in Kansas City, Missouri, gives Rahm a chance to sample the menu of Westport Flea Market's "Hamburger Car," rumored to have what may be the best burger in KC.

Meat 'n' Greet

Known for the incredible flavor of their smoked meats, Brooklyn's Mile End Deli was voted New York Magazine's Best Deli of 2010. Here, Rahm gets an exclusive behind-the-counter look at what makes this local favorite so special.

Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine

With a menu featuring everything from Crispy Quail Legs and Venison Carpaccio to Rocky Mountain Elk Tenderloin, this Forth Worth institution boasts the expertise to perfect any and all meats.

All Good

After enjoying a few bites of Bonnell's selections al fresco, Rahm shares his take on the offerings.

Prime & Beyond, Fort Lee, New Jersey

The name says it all: This Jersey "meat house" as it's called, takes prime rib, New York strip, porterhouse and even lamb chops to a whole new level. Here, a Prime & Beyond chef works his magic for Rahm to sample.

Meat-ing Expectations?

Prime & Beyond is all about making sure their customers are impressed. According to Rahm, they're in good shape.

Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ, Kansas City, Missouri

Rahm strikes a pose with the pig statue next to the restaurant's entrance.

Pork Perfection

They're not called "Kansas City's Finest" for nothing: the guys at Danny Edwards clearly know their barbecue. Lucky for Rahm, they're willing to share a few of their secrets.