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Meet the Competitors: Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots

Meet the tailgate titans cooking their best dishes when the New England Patriots host the Chicago Bears.

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Photo: Stacy Howell

New England Patriots: Erin and Molly

Erin and Molly are here to represent the New England Patriots. Erin is a director of development and communications and a speakeasy bartender from Salem, MA. Molly is an operations manager from Boston and runs a gluten-free donut factory. Aside from being friends, they are also teammates on the Boston Renegades, a tackle football team in the Women’s Football Alliance. They have never lost a game together and are excited to keep on winning!

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Photo: Stacy Howell

Chicago Bears: Timmy and Matt

Timmy and Matt are two friends in a big bromance, and they are representing the Chicago Bears. Timmy is a plumbing contractor from Austin, TX. He was named "Tailgate of the Year" by NFL Mag and founded the Chicago Bears Tailgating Club. Matt is from Lemont, IL and is an owner of a BBQ restaurant. They are fighting for Chicago and are ready to give it their all!

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