Meet the 10 Guys in the Running for the Sexiest Chef Alive Title

One of these hot-shot cooks will be crowned the Sexiest Chef Alive by People magazine.

Andrew Isabella: Executive Chef of BeetleCat, Atlanta

Deuki Hong: Owner and Executive Chef of Sunday Hospitality Group, San Francisco

Edouardo Jordan: Executive Chef of JuneBaby and Salare, Seattle

Eric Adjepong: Co-owner and Executive Chef of Pinch and Plate, Washington, D.C.

Johnny Spero: Owner and Executive Chef of Reverie, Washington, D.C.

Jordan Andino: Co-owner and Chef of Flip Sigi, New York City

Kevin Tien: Owner and Executive Chef of Himitsu, Washington, D.C.

Louis Maldonado: Executive Chef of Amara, San Francisco

Ryan Durant: Owner and Executive Chef of Assaggio, Branford, CT

Thiago Silva: Executive Pastry Chef Consultant, Catch Restaurant Group, New York City