The Picky Eaters Project: Behind the Scenes

Check out fun behind-the-scenes moments from The Picky Eaters Project shoot with Food Network's Melissa d'Arabian and her family.
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Behind-the-Scenes Laughs

Whether the cameras were rolling, they were in between takes or were on break, the d'Arabian girls were always laughing up a storm and entertaining the crew. Here, a laugh shared by Charlotte, Margaux and Océane is caught on camera.

What's All the Fuss About?

Roxy, the d'Arabian's 8-year-old rescue Lab, was a pleasure to have on set. Well-behaved and friendly, she was the Web series' official mascot. In between shots, she'd run up to Mom for some extra love.

Show Me Your Muscles

While teaching the girls about basic nutrition in Episode 4, Melissa asked the girls to show her their muscles — Charlotte had no problem participating!


When the cameras stopped rolling, the girls took some time to have fun — they played games in the family room, rode bikes and even entertained the crew with their jokes.

Confessional 101

After each activity, Melissa would sit down for a quick confessional in her living room to discuss the highs and lows. Many moments were laugh-out-loud-worthy.

Bunny Ears

The set photographer captured this behind-the-scenes moment during a family portrait session. You'll see Valentine giving her little sister, Margaux, bunny ears.

Can You Hear Me Now?

The girls quickly caught on that the boom microphone controlled how soft or loud their voices would be portrayed.

Chalkboard Art

The Web series' Associate Producer doubled as an artist, drawing the four girls in chalk to create social media throws for The Picky Eaters Project.

There's a New Sound Girl in Town

Océane took advantage of having the crew in her home by learning some of the functions of their jobs — including the sound recordist.

You Want Me to Taste What?

Real-life reactions: When Melissa handed the twins peas, their honest reactions were something most parents can relate to.

Dynamic Duo: Director and Producer

Getting a feel for the producing world, Valentine hopped into the director's chair on break. Her trusty sidekick, Roxy, awaited her direction (and her scraps of food)!

Take One

Margaux assists the director by using a digital clapperboard to slate the next scene.


And that's a wrap. Kids, Mom and crew gathered in the kitchen to celebrate the completion of The Picky Eaters Project.

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