Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off Season 3, Highlights from Episode 3

Catch up on the Supermarket Smackdown episode of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.

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Showdown in the Aisles

After meeting with their mentors, the celebrities race through Fairway Market in Woodland Park, N.J., starting their next challenge. They have 2 1/2 hours to shop, prep, cook and package a food item that shows off their personality. Unlike other weeks, there will be an MVP chosen from each team. Chef Madison Cowan will be judging and making the final decision.

No Longer Lost in the Supermarket

Florence uses her charm to her advantage so she can get some help navigating the supermarket aisles in shopping for her pasta sauce. "I'm a notorious flirt," she says. "Mrs. Brady's got a few tricks up her sleeve."

Sweetening What He's Dealt

Rachael convinces Jake to make a salsa even though he would have preferred making something sweet. He's willing to defer to his mentor: "Even if this salsa isn't the best in the world, I'm going to act like it is," he says. But he won't give up on the idea of making it a sweet and savory peach salsa, an idea that Rachael does not like.

The One Thing He's Not

Herschel decides to make his Famous 34 All-in-One Grill Paint Sauce, which reflects his personality as a Renaissance man, but he has some issues doubling the recipe. "I'm a football player, not a mathematician," he says. Guy's on his case to hurry up so Tiffany stops by to check in on him.

Spicing It Up

Florence is making one of her go-to recipes: her spicy marinara sauce. Per Rachael's advice she'll be adding red wine to bump up the flavor. "I'm America's favorite mom, but I'm also a very spicy mom," says Florence.

Getting It Right the Second Time

Ice decides to make brittle even though he's never made it before. He wants to make it "the best in the world," so he's adding all kinds of nuts and candies. But when Guy sees the results, he has Ice start again because the caramel didn't turn out dark enough.

Running Into Issues

Judy decides to make her grandma's Hungarian cookies, which is a risky move since the recipe calls for chilling the dough at least two hours, and Rachael is concerned. Luckily it only takes 12 minutes to bake, so Judy makes multiple small batches. The major downside is that the freezer and oven are on opposite ends of the market.

Too Hot to Handle

Tiffany makes her Radical Red Sauce and adds chipotle and cayenne peppers instead of sun-dried tomatoes per Guy's suggestion. After Ice tastes it and says it's too hot, she tones it down with heavy cream and Dijon mustard.

Saucing Up the Chocolate Sauce

"I'm elbow-deep in chocolate and I could not be happier," says Penn as he's making his special chocolate sauce with sea salt. Rachael wants it spicier and recommends he add chili powder so that it has more complexity.

Jokes for Sale

Judy finishes setting up her table of cookies. She managed to meet the requirement to create 30 packaged products and enough tasting samples for 50 guests. Now it's just a matter of selling and earning shoppers' tokens by which they vote. Judy worries, "I don't know anything about marketing – I'm a comedian," so she plans on cracking jokes.

Dressed for Success

"I'm representing the '80s today," says Tiffany about her outfit as she hands out samples of her pasta sauce. She wasn't afraid to take a risk by making it spicy but she fears toning it down at the last minute might come back to bite her.

What Are We Tasting?

Ice presents his Ice Baby Brittle to the judges over ice cream sundaes, but Rachael worries: "How am I going to taste the brittle?" Madison doesn't like that Ice chose to pulverize the brittle in the food processor, but Ice did it to make sure no one broke a tooth.

Giveaways in Exchange for a Token

Herschel's really pulling out all the stops; he's even handing out footballs. But he lets his insecurities take over when he worries whether people actually like the sauce or not: "Are they looking at me just saying, this is a big guy; I'm not going to tell him I don't like this sauce?"

The MVP for Team Rachael Is?

The celebrities gather to hear the results and Madison starts by delivering his assessments of Team Rachael. Even though Penn's chocolate sauce got thick from sitting for too long, Madison loved the flavor and it earned Penn the most tokens. Penn gets the MVP title and $2,500 for his charity.

The MVP for Team Guy Is?

Madison loved Tiffany's sauce but was let down by Ice's brittle. To Herschel he says, "I don't want you to knock me out. I'm a bit hurt because your paint-on sauce is very similar to my own remoulade." But, he says, "without a doubt" Herschel is the MVP and Team Guy is safe from elimination.

Walking Away with No Regrets

Madison finds Jake's salsa his least favorite, saying it lacked any "wow factor." Rachael comes in for a hug and says, "Three times you were a winner to me. I think you're amazing." Even though he didn't win for his charity, he "stand[s] by the peach," says Jake. "I'm leaving with no regrets."

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