Justin Warner's Road Trip Snapshots From Rebel Eats

Check out Food Network Star winner Justin Warner's exclusive photos from his Southern adventure on Food Network's Rebel Eats, and get his insider's take on each deliciously rebellious moment.

At the Helm

Steering the ship — every little boy's dream (don't tell the insurance people)!

Live From the Forest

Totally instagramming my first log-chopping experience.

Southern Specialties

Howell's hushpuppies would quiet a pit bull. That. Good.

Rebellious Cohorts

Family dinner with moonshiners. Although Ricky is obscured by a support column, he exists in the smile on everyone's face.

Backseat Passenger

All right, Mr. DeMille: I'm ready for my close-up — in a minivan?!?

Rain Gear

Rebellious with all my heart and sole. These orange galoshes are my fave.


We try to cover gastronomy from every angle. Yes, all three of them.

Sneaky Business

If you didn't notice the bottle of moonshine going under my equestrian Windbreaker, neither did they.

Fried Friends

Delicious fried pies in Knoxville, Tenn., courtesy of Ms. Dale. Sadly, there wasn't time for them in the show!

Porch Pit Stop

Gas station porches and purple pants make even the rainiest of days a walk in the sun.

Local Catch

Fresh Georgia white shrimp in the galley of Miss Bertha! Note the guard around the stove — choppy seas don't cancel dinner!

Dressed for the Sea

When you are on a boat for the first time, having a nautical striped shirt is a must!

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