Restaurant Express, Season 1: Top Moments of Episode 3

Get an inside look at the contestants' challenges and relive the most-memorable moments from the third episode of Food Network's Restaurant Express, Season 1.

Photo By: Paul-Michael Carr ©Paul-Michael Carr

Photo By: Paul-Michael Carr ©Paul-Michael Carr

Photo By: Paul-Michael Carr ©Paul-Michael Carr

Photo By: Paul-Michael Carr ©Paul-Michael Carr

Photo By: Paul-Michael Carr ©Paul-Michael Carr

Doing the Impossible

Inspired by his other series, Restaurant: Impossible, Robert challenges the finalists to transform both the food and interior decor at two failing restaurants. Seonkyoung has the advantage of choosing her teammates — Jan and Eric — as she has the best ideas for improvement, according to Robert. They'll overhaul Zach's Cafe, while Bianca, Patrick and Adam take on Michael's Bar & Grill.

Calculated Spending

Since the kitchen at Michael's is already well-stocked, Patrick, Bianca and Adam spend most of their $5,000 budget redoing the interior. Robert warns them, however, "This may look great, but unless the food has gone a thousand percent through the roof, one of you is going home." They'll serve a Cajun-inspired menu featuring original offerings as well as some of the eatery's existing items.

Frivolous Expenses

Team Zach's spends just over half of its budget on design, and the rest is spent on food and drinks, including a few cases of wine. "I hope that your food is better than [the way] this restaurant looks right now, because all that you've done is not enough for me," Robert tells them. Seonkyoung, Jan and Eric are sticking with an Italian-themed menu that will feature only their signature dishes — not any of the restaurant's original plates.

Delivering Quality

"I like the depth of the flavor that they had from the pork," one critic says of Jan's pork meatball offering. Robert agrees and tells her later, "While I don't think Zach's reached its potential, your cooking was quite tasty," and she's earned a seat on the bus.

Rightfully Assured

Adam's confident in his dishes of jambalaya, rib eye and Bourbon Chicken, and he explains, "I'm doing this magical thing called being a chef." Although he spars with Patrick in the kitchen, he manages to deliver stellar food, as Robert tells him, "A lot of your dishes were great."

Rivals at Heart

One of the most-popular menu items at Michael's proves to be Patrick's cantaloupe cocktail, but that doesn't mean he's enjoying his time in the kitchen. "I'm having issues working with Adam at the moment," Patrick tells Robert. "He is going behind my back and changing things." The two clash for control in the back of house, which ultimately leads to arguments.

Personal Agenda

"I was the most experienced in the kitchen, so it was kind of a given that I would be there," Eric explains of why he's manning the back of house. Robert tells him later, however, "The menu at Zach's was self-indulgent," after noting that Eric's dishes of caponata and golden-brown fried rice balls lack taste.

Not So Sweet

Bianca's working the front of house for Team Michael's when Robert finds a hair in his carrots. Although she attempts to take care of the issue, she's later met with harsh feedback about her one and only dish, Milk and Cookies. "You barely contributed to the menu," Robert explains to her.

Saved by Lasagna

Once again Seonkyoung wows Robert with her culinary abilities, despite any formal training. Although he's disappointed in her lack of leadership in the kitchen, Robert tells Seonkyoung, "Your lasagna was the best dish I'd had all day," and she's allowed to return to the bus.

Bianca Bids Farewell

Robert tells the group that no contestant's showing is worthy of a win this week. Ultimately, however, Bianca loses her bus seat, as Robert tells her: "You were great at the front of the house. But I'm afraid that won't cut it. You have to be the total package to make it as a restaurateur." Before leaving, she says, "I think I'm going to have even more motivation and enthusiasm to make sure that I open up my place and become a successful restaurateur."

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