Sneak Peek of Restaurant Express, Season 1

Get the first look at the premiere season of Food Network's Restaurant Express, hosted by Robert Irvine.

Photo By: Paul-Michael Carr ©Paul-Michael Carr

Photo By: Paul-Michael Carr ©Paul-Michael Carr

Challenge, Accepted

No-nonsense chef and experienced restaurateur Robert Irvine is challenging nine finalists to a seven-week road trip around the West. If they want to keep their seat on the bus and ultimately help launch a casino restaurant, it's up to them to impress Robert with their business-savvy mindset and top culinary chops.

Express Bus

This is the oversize passenger bus that will carry the competitors as they travel from state to state. If contestants fail to prove their staying power in the competition, they'll be forced off the bus any given week.

Road Trip-Ready

Eager to begin their Western competition with Robert, the restaurant hopefuls wait with their luggage outside the bus.

Listen Up

Robert relies on a megaphone to communicate with fans near the beach in California.

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