Ridiculous Cakes: 10 Must-See Cake Creations from Season 1

From a hatching baby dinosaur cake to an underwater mermaid fantasy, these are the most-over-the-top designs we can't forget.

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Roar of the Dinosaur

Sugar Couture in Brooklyn created the ultimate birthday cake which featured a baby T-Rex hatching out of its egg. The dinosaur was shaped out of rice cereal treats while the egg was made with confetti butter cake topped with vanilla bean buttercream and fondant.

A Costumed Canine

Cake Power in New York City created a surprise birthday cake for famed photographer William Wegman which featured a Weimaraner dressed as Marie Antoinette. The sweet treat was made possible with lemon cake and Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream. The dog’s head was hand sculpted using a combination of modeling chocolate and fondant.

Cake of Characters

Modern Family celebrated its 200th episode with this over-the-top cake from The Butter End Cakery in Los Angeles. All 12 main characters were recreated out of fondant to stand atop the creation which featured a butter cake and vanilla bean frosting. The cake fed 200 cast and crew members.

This Pizza Takes the Cake

It was a celebration of food with a gigantic cake from Sugar Geek Show in Portland which included this deep dish pizza. But that’s not all. The 4-foot cake also featured a buffet that included a giant burrito, a submarine sandwich, a towering stack of pancakes, a massive burger and more. The creation was made from vanilla cake, candy bar buttercream, rice cereal treats and fondant.

A Tribute to Fraggle Rock

The beloved children’s series Fraggle Rock got the cake treatment from The Butter End Cakery for its 35th anniversary. Using vanilla bean cake, vanilla bean buttercream, ganache and fondant, all five major Fraggles and a group of Doozers were recreated to stand atop a stalagmite.

Where's the Fire?

Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas created this fire truck cake for one deserving fireman who was retiring after 32 years of service. A fire hydrant, ceremonial helmet and a few flames decorated the creation that was made from chocolate cake and frosted with a chipotle chocolate ganache.

Go Go Power Rangers

One lucky birthday boy got the cake of his dreams with this Green Power Ranger. The Butter End Cakery used chocolate cake, butter cake, vanilla buttercream, rice crispy treats and fondant to construct the 3.5-foot character that looked like it was ready to save the world.

Going Global

This 450-pound cake was out of this world. For Earth Day, Frosted Art Bakery created a planet earth cake that measured three feet in diameter and was finished with cotton candy clouds to simulate the aurora borealis. The cake’s interior featured flavors from all around the world, such as Italian buttercream, American pecans, Australian whiskey, South American chocolate and more.

Baby’s First Cake

The Butter End Cakery created this topsy-turvy baby block cake for a couple expecting their first child. Each block was made from chocolate-chocolate chip cake, vanilla bean buttercream and ganache. The entire cake was decorated with adorable animal characters and flowers from a local florist.

Fine Wine

Frosted Art Bakery went above and beyond to design this incredible cake for a Dallas wine club. The towering creation was made from dark chocolate cake and chocolate ganache infused with an oaky Cabernet. It was then decorated with wine bottles, cheese, crackers and grapes—all made from fondant and modeling chocolate. The best part? The cake included a fountain that actually poured wine for guests.