Jake vs. Jazz: A Smollett Sibling Showdown

While they both love getting in the kitchen to cook family recipes on Smollett Eats, this brother and sister don't agree on everything!

Photo By: Raneri, Joel

Photo By: Raneri, Joel

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Photo By: Raneri, Joel

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Photo By: Raneri, Joel

Photo By: Raneri, Joel

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Get to Know the Foodie-est Smolletts

We asked these siblings about everything from their favorite family recipes to their favorite TV shows. Read on to see how their answers stacked up. 

First Meal They Learned to Cook: Lasagna

Consistent with family tradition, both siblings learned to make the cheesy, family-style dish as kids. “I will never forget being 6 years old and my mom teaching me how to make homemade tomato sauce,” says Jake. “The best feeling, to see my entire family genuinely enjoy my meal. I felt like a master chef!”

Guilty-Pleasure Food: Snack Showdown

While Jake loves salty chips, Jazz craves “very dark rich chocolates, especially truffles.”

Favorite Condiment: Hot Sauce!

While both siblings love hot sauce, Jake takes extra steps to make sure he's never without it. "I'll buy a bottle even if I have four bottles at home," he says.

Favorite TV Show

Jazz and Jake both love watching brother Jussie and sister Jurnee take over the small screen on their shows Empire and Underground. 

Brunch Pick: Sweet vs. Savory

They both agreed on savory! "Bacon all day," says Jake. 

Favorite Food City: NYC

Both siblings love the food New York City has to offer. While Jake goes crazy for NYC pizza, he also loves Chicago for its hot dogs. 

Favorite Food Personality

Jake's a fan of Rachael Ray while Jazz adores Julia Child. 

Favorite Burger Topping: Onions

Both siblings require onions, but Jake likes them raw, while Jazz prefers them grilled. 

Favorite Drink

Jazz enjoys a full-bodied red wine, like a Pinot Noir, while Jake enjoys mixing up his own iced teas and mojitos. 

Signature Potluck Dish

Jazz is sure to whip up her eggplant Parmesan for a party, but Jake's all about his signature roasted-garlic lemon pepper wings. 

Happy Place: The Beach

Jake and Jazz both enjoy spending time by the ocean with family and friends.

Favorite Movie

When it comes to their favorite films, the siblings have pretty diverse tastes. " I have many, but the first one I thought of was Beaches. I know it’s sad but it’s really about sisterhood," says Jazz. Her brother Jake prefers "Bad Boys, Deadpool and The Lion King. Don't judge me," he says. 

Favorite Smell

Jazz enjoys the scent of an early morning, but Jake prefers a big whiff of garlic. "I love going to Gilroy California because the smell of garlic is in the air," he says. 

Kitchen Jams

When Jazz is cooking she enjoys the likes of Norah Jones and her own namesake music (jazz), but Jake lets the lyrics of Drake inspire him in the kitchen. He says, "It gets me pumped to put my thinking cap on and create something new."

Favorite Childhood Dish: Mom's Gumbo

Jazz and Jake both have fond memories of their mom's gumbo on birthday's and New Years Eve. “She made it for pretty much every birthday and there were many birthdays,” Jazz recalls.

Want more of the Smolletts?

Check out Food Network’s Smollett Eats headquarters for more with Jake, Jazz and the rest of the Smollett siblings. 

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