Ten Dollar Dinners: 5 Affordable, Flavorful Recipes from Melissa d'Arabian's Debut Cookbook

Get an insider's look at the some of the best family-friendly recipes featured in Food Network's Melissa d'Arabian's first-ever cookbook.

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Ten Dollar Dinners

Host of the popular Food Network show Ten Dollar Dinners, Melissa d'Arabian recently released her first-ever cookbook. Ten Dollar Dinners: 140 Recipes and Tips to Elevate Simple, Fresh Meals Any Night of the Week is a must-read collection of recipes that will help you turn out wallet-friendly meals your whole family will enjoy.

Slow-Cooker Tortilla Soup

Loaded with juicy chicken, hearty black beans and the warm flavors of cumin and chili powder, Melissa's Mexican-inspired bowls are topped with crunchy tortilla chips and creamy Monterey Jack cheese. Start the soup in the morning and let the slow cooker do the work of finishing dinner while you're away.

Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup

Chicken Meatballs

To make sure her two-bite meatballs are tender and moist, Melissa soaks cayenne-laced breadcrumbs in milk before combining them with a ground chicken and bacon mixture. She broils the meatballs for just a few quick minutes instead of baking them, so that the chicken doesn’t dry out in the oven.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Meatballs

Crispy Potato Cake

Made with just a handful of everyday ingredients, this golden-brown potato cake is a fuss-free recipe that takes just 30 minutes to prepare. Melissa pairs it with classic meat loaf or eggs to round out her comforting meal.

Get the Recipe: Crispy Potato Cake

Rice With Fresh Herbs

Ready to eat in just 25 minutes, Melissa’s go-to rice lets garden-fresh herbs shine. She recommends using mint, basil, tarragon, chives or cilantro, though a mixture of several is an easy way to use up what herbs you have on hand.

Get the Recipe: Rice with Fresh Herbs

Classic Apple Tart

Melissa tops a buttery pastry crust with sweetened green apples and a touch of cinnamon to create an impressive-looking dessert that is easy enough to make on a weeknight.

Get the Recipe: Classic Apple Tart

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