The Best, Craziest Cake Designs Featured on Texas Cake House

Check out the over-the-top works of edible art created by Natalie and Dave Sideserf on Texas Cake House.

Awe-Inspiring Armadillo

Not only did this expertly painted armadillo balance on one foot, but it also whirled a lasso, which appeared to be moving in real time, thanks to its lightweight design.

When Cats Fly

Natalie and Dave arranged paper mache triangles in a bowl to create the parachute in this can't-look-away cake.

Colors Galore

This joint 3D-2D cake utilized a rainbow of colors to bring the striking figure to life.

Textures Abound

Dave used a rolled-up ball of aluminum foil to add barklike texture to the wood on which the jaguar was seemingly walking.

Alamo Again

Using only a picture of an old painting, Natalie and Dave managed to bring Alamo legend Jim Bowie to life in a realistic bust.

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