A Tour of Seoul Sausage Company

Get a tour of Seoul Sausage Co., opened by the winners of Season 3 of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race.

Seoul Sausage Co.

After winning Season 3 of The Great Food Truck Race, the guys of Seoul Sausage opened up Seoul Sausage Co. in West Los Angeles.

Inside Seoul Sausage Co.

The interior space is modern, light and airy, and it includes a colorful mural.

Make Sausage Not War

Artist John Park took 13 hours to paint the mural "Make Sausage Not War" on the interior walls of the space.

Brothers in Business

Two of the three Seoul Sausage founders are brothers: Ted and Yong Kim.

Little Details

The restaurant is decorated with cute knickknacks.

Fan Letters

A letter from fans of the show is displayed in the restaurant.

Seoul Sausage Menu

The menu features everything from sausages to meatballs, including the guys' Flaming Balls, which became famous during the show.

All in Fun

Fun details like drawings on the food wrappers put a smile on customers' faces — exactly what the trio hopes to achieve.

Two Balls to Choose From

The Flaming Ball (left) is made of cheesy kimchi fried rice with spicy pork and is served with DMZ (garlic jalapeno kimchi Sriracha aioli). The Lil' Osaka Ball (right) is a Japanese curry rice ball with beef and potatoes that's served with shoga Sriracha mayo (ginger Sriracha mayo).


Not your average fried chicken, this Korean Fried Chicken has a sweet and spicy glaze, and it's served with pickled daikon radishes and a kimchi cheddar cornbread.

Galbi Poutine

This dish features short ribs braised for eight hours, served on top of twice-fried french fries with cheese, kimchi pickled onions and avocado lime crema.