Great Food Race Trucks

Follow Food Network's seven The Great Food Truck Race trucks (and teams) as they battle cross country for the $50,000 grand prize.
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Host Tyler Florence and Great Food Truck Race Teams

The Great Food Truck Race features seven gourmet food trucks competing for a $50,000 grand prize. The competition originates in San Diego and moves across the country, culminating on the hungry streets of New York City. The mission of this culinary road trip is to convince Americans to step outside their culinary comfort zones and try something new — from a truck.

Austin Daily Press

"As toasted as you are" is this Texas team's motto, and hot, crunchy sandwiches are their game. Don't think of your mama's grilled cheese classic. ADP features out-of-the-box sauces, such as Tabasco Tzatiki, Horseradish Mayo and Balsamic Pesto, which take their fare to another hot-and-spicy realm.

Crepes Bonaparte

Gaston the crepe truck usually provides French on-the-go crepes to Orange County and Los Angeles, but during Food Network's TGFTR competition look for this chez magnifique crepe station on wheels to thrill customers from coast to coast with an array of sweet (coconut, caramel) and savory (chicken, cheddar) fillings.

Grill 'Em All

Here's the story of two dudes, a megaphone, a truck and a gourmet take on the hamburger. Friends Ryan Hawkins (chef) and Matthew Chernus, an ex-pro wrestler, have been taking Los Angeles by storm, but friend Joel Brown will accompany the duo on their heavy metal and burger truck tour.

Nana Queens

The Nana Queens guarantee you'll "scrape the bowl" when you indulge in one of their pudding-hits-the-road flavors. Try the Nana Oh's, an Oreo-flavored pudding, or the CarNana caramel-banana combo. And if you like savory with your sweet, this Queen mobile features 10 different types of wings. The BBQ Mango Madness delivers spice while the OMG (oh my goodness) brings the heat.

Nom Nom Truck

This all-female-owned mobile food truck serves Vietnamese-inspired dishes and sandwiches to the greater Los Angeles area. The name "Nom Nom" comes from the sound emitted when a dish is "oh so tasty" that one gnaws through it without regard to cleanliness or etiquette. The Nom Nom team's goal is to serve Vietnamese fare to the masses — and with TGFTR they get their chance.

Ragin' Cajun

Stephen Domingue and his teammates bring authentic Cajun cuisine to Southern California, and now Food Network's new road-show competition gives them the opportunity to share Stephen's mother's original recipes, like Beef Brisket, Shrimp Po'Boy and Cajun Chicken, with the rest of the country.

Spencer on the Go

San Francisco chef Laurent Katgely, owner of the Bay Area restaurant Chez Spencer, paid $15,000 for this former Taco Truck. Then he created a mobile menu of French cuisine: Foie Gras au Torchon with Toast and Escargot Puff Lollipop, for example. Chef Katgely's enticing touch-of-Paris truck menu boasts quick-food prices, with no dish exceeding $12.

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